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Username: bishop228

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Created: January 28, 2009 at 12:53pm (EDT)
Bishop and I both agreed on trading my Component Cables(Red,White,Blue,Green,etc) for his Sony Sixaxis controller.He was suppose to send 1st after he stated the controller wouldn't connect to his PS3 but it connects to his cousin.So he agreed he would send 1st so that I could check if it works on my PS3.At the time I had a few pending trades and his item was already packed so I went out and sent it like a jackass.He received on the 30th of December in 2008.He marked as sent on the same day,December 30th.As time went by I still haven't received the controller.On January 5th I asked him did he have the receipt or anything to prove that he sent.He sent me a message saying he doesn't have the receipt anymore and that I should have received already.He also said he put insurance on the package so he would be refunded.I then asked him does he have the receipt from the insurance sticker which the PO stamps with the date.He doesn't have the receipt from the insurance or the receipt from when he paid the PO.I start feeling bad vibes about this and tell him if I don't receive by that Saturday I'll file a BTR.When Saturday came still no package and at the time I was busy with school so I had no time.We've had several chats on AIM and he told me he received the package back and he sent it back out.I asked him did he use a DC#, he said I believe so, and I asked him for the DC# so that I can track it, he never responded.So now I'm just fed up with all of this.I either want my component cables back with $3 because that's how much it cost to send it to him,or the Sony Sixaxis controller or $30 so that I can buy the Sixaxis controller around where I live.
Reported By: ImaWatchYouFail

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