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benjm23 Global Trader - willing to trade internationally

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    Wilton, Iowa, United StatesUnited States

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Interests: My Kids, Survival Shows, Video Gaming, Movies,
Likes: Gaming, Movies, Music, Guns, Money, Watches, Pool,

Quote: Only the dead have seen the end of the War

Welcome to my GTZ Page - Happy Trading

I am a huge Super Nintendo fan. So many great games. So many I never played
I am here to try and collect all the great titles I once had or wanted and many I never heard of

I used to sell UV codes on here.
But quit a couple years ago.
I may have some to offer here and there again but not the bulk amounts I used to have weekly.
Probably buying more than selling them these days.
I have about 1100 movies on my UV account currently and always looking for more.

I had (or better yet was forced) to take a break from collecting for the last few years after getting divorced and having to sell my entire collection. Which was quite large at one point in time. But I am back and looking for a few things again. Been doing a lot of Thrift Stores, Pawn Shops, and City Wide Yard Sales so I have a pretty good chunk of games built up again. I will slowly start to list them as I get them from storage.