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Username: Xbox360Gamer
Address: 285 daytona st west haven,CT

Status: active
Created: December 31, 2007 at 10:48pm (EST)
Edited: January 2, 2008 at 8:08pm (EST)
Me and him both agreed to send games on same day with confirmation codes and i sent my game with confirmation code, he didnt . I sent him perfect dark limited edition, he was suppose to send gears of war. almost a month later i still havent got my game and hes making up excuses like gears of wars got sent back to him and he will send again. that was 2 weeks ago and he didnt contact me again at all. today he said he cant even remember the trade we were dealing. my confirmation code was 0306 1070 0005 0446 3438. his username on sayswap was sportsplayer92 and 3 days ago i told him that if he didnt send my game back i would call the cops and he deleted his account a day after. Also on whenever i asked where my game was he would delete the messages and never give me an answer

He said he would send my game today with a confirmation number and he didnt send me message yet
Reported By: Cam19993
Response from Accused "Bad Trader": (31-Dec-2007)
actually he never contacted me in the first place and another thing i never scammed him its possible for the mail to return to sender and that is what happend. For all i knew is that i sent the game out to him the day he did and the day i got his game i got mine too. So i never scammd him and never meant to so i dont know why he is filing this btr becuase he doesnt even have his facts straight. The only reason my account got deleted is becuase of this person not because he said he was going to call the cops. All i know is that im not a scammer and never was so him and anyone else can say what they want as long as i know the truth and that is im no a scammer.............

Username: Xbox360Gamer
Aliases: kenny j
Address: 285 daytona st. west haven Ct 06516

Status: active
Created: December 31, 2007 at 10:42pm (EST)
HE IS A SCAMMER .i have sent my end of the deal of NBA street homecourt and SRS while he has gotten those games with my dc # as proof ( 0306 0320 0005 6899 0487 ). i have repeatly asked for him to just send my games back and i wont call him a scammer. now hes saying that he is sending that games back but with no DC saying its a waste of money . we did this trade at another site (sayswap)
CHECK UNDER MY MESSAGES http://www.sayswap.c...
his username is sportsplayer92 now deleted his account.
im filies this btr because he scammed me and others and i will not take this off until he sends my games back
Reported By: Champ54
Response from Accused "Bad Trader": (1-Jan-2008)
actually im not a scammer and i wish he would stop calling me one because its been getting on my nerves for a while now and wish it would stop. I told him once that i was going to send his game back and he repeatedly ask me and ask me and then ask me again today and i told him that i forgot to send them the first time he ask me too. Then i told him that i was going to send them on wed and then he continued to harass me about sending them. Agian i didnt delete my account i got banned from the site becuase of them two calling me a scammer and the reported me to the creater of the website (Hotchick) he then she banned me from the site from them calling me a scammer.

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