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WildWolf21 Bronze Good Trader



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    Zimmerman, Minnesota, United StatesUnited States

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    on 28-Sep-2019 at 2:12am

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    not currently subscribed

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    PlayStation, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Sega Dreamcast, Nintendo Wii, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis

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    Trade or Sell

Interests: Reading, Gaming
Likes: Peace and Quiet
Dislikes: Politics

Quote: "Be happy, but never satisfied." -Bruce Lee

My rules for trading/selling:
-If my rank is higher then yours, you'll send first.
-If your rank is higher then mine, I'll send first.
-If our ranks our equal, or if we have traded with each other at least once, then we'll both send at the same time.
-If you have a BTR, you will ALWAYS send first, regardless of the situation.
-If you are buying from me, you will pay first regardless of rank. No exceptions!!!
-With the exception of Canada and Mexico, if you are trading with me internationally, you will be required to send first regardless of rank.

Also, I would appreciate if you send your trades via USPS First Class and with Delivery Conformation, just to make sure everything arrives in one piece, as I'll be doing the same.
If it's too large to send via first class, then please send it via Priority 2-day with Delivery Conformation, or if possible, Media Mail.
(If trading internationally, please use the USPS equivalent from your country's postal service.)

If you are buying anything from me, once the payment has cleared my bank account, i will ship out your item the same day, if not the day after.
This is to make sure nothing bounces or the payment doesn't clear properly. It will usually take about 2 business days for a payment to clear through my bank, so if you pay on a Friday, the item will usually go out on a Monday.

Finally, all games in my collection may be up for trade, if the item offered in exchange interests me.

Thanks again, and happy trading!!!

List Of Accomplishments:
September 11th,2013: Became a Bronze Star Trader!
January 18th, 2014: Became a Silver Star Trader!
July 16th, 2014: Became a Gold Star Trader!!!
April 2nd, 2017: Became a Double Gold Star Trader (Finally)!!!