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Username: Tiger131
Aliases: Tiger 131
Address: Colby Harold,841 Lyons Rd 24205,Coconut Creek FL 33063

Status: active
Created: March 13, 2001 at 8:40am (EST)
On Monday February 26, We agreed to trade my Legend of DRagoon for his Final Fantasy IX. We both said we'd send our packages on Tuesday via Standard Mail. The shipping went a little wierd. I sent mine via priority with confirmation on Friday and he sent his standard on Friday too. Standard mail is supposed to take 1 week from wherever you sent it from. I checked my mail next Friday. It wasn't there. Saturday,no. Monday ,no.
Now it's Tuesday and I still don't have my game. I checked my confirmation and My package got to him. He's not responding to my e-mails. I checked and he has bad ratings on Switchhouse.
If I don't have my game in the next 3 days (by March 16, 2001), I'm going to have to charge him with mail fraud.
I'll be updating this with any other info I get on him

He replied to me once saying he already sent it and a week later he's telling me he needs my address. Itt's a bit strange but I sent it to him and am now waiting again

Well I got into this site again. I'd like to say that he never did fix it.. Thanks for saying your sorry, but I never did get the game regardless. SO I can't take it off until some thing is sent to me as compensation. E-mail me.

Reported By: questmaster
Well, this was fixed, I'm not sure how long ago, and he doesn't get on this site anymore, and I stopped using it, since then I haven't been able to reach him to fix it, and if you look at all my other reviews, they are all really good (in fact excellent). I have since then grown, and now have a job and money of my own, and don't have to worry about sending late for whatever reason. If I can get a hold of him, I will have him take it off, and I don't have FFIX, because I already sent it to him. Not sure what else to say, other than sorry to Josh for having to deal with this.

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    Interests: gaming (duh), building/fixing computers, skating, and cars
    Likes: computers, game, cars, and girls, oh and gotta love cereal
    Dislikes: butter faces, stupid people (so most ppl), posers, i could go on

    Quote: "You all laugh at me because I'm different, but I laugh at all of you because you're all the same" -Andy Dick

    I send same way you send (i.e. priority, ups ground, usps etc), I always use insurance (not much more, u dont have to tho), and I will send first if u have more trades than me (which is about everyone lol)

    I have a few more DC games, and about 3 PSX games, but i basically sold/traded all the rest away. Im looking for great DC games like Soul Calibur, and im always looking for PS2 and Xbox games.

    I have lots of movies, too much trouble to list, so I'll do it here
    pearl harbor, idle hands, the crying game, harry potter 1, once upon a time in china 2, heartbreakers, planet of the apes, silence of the lambs,hannibal, exorcist,8 mile, the one, frailtysigns,the mummy, lotr 1, independence day, harry potter 2, my big fat greek wedding,grease spec edition,hannibal again lol, mr deeds, cliffhanger, blade, austin powers 1/2/3,monsters inc, legally blonde,xxx, panix room, the rock ,
    deep impact, gladiator, x-men,unbreakabale,titanic, training day,sum of all fears, star wars 1/2, spiderman, shrek, the running man,total recall,vampire hunter d (anime), commando, the rocky horror pic show,
    van vilders,legend of drunken master, the bourne identity, the mummy returns, and predator. There are a few more, like documentories, but no one cares about those.