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    Whidbey Island, Washington, United StatesUnited States

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    on 30-May-2020 at 10:03am

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Likes: Being a dad, Virtua Fighter, and spaghetti
Dislikes: Back pain, Nintendo of America, and corn

Quote: "There's no tenderness or humanity in fanaticism." -John Mellor

I'm primarily into Japanese imports. All systems. I am also only interested in trading for games off of my Wanted list, or cash money.

I prefer PayPal for selling, and in most cases I will ship via USPS First Class Mail. If you order a console or something else that is bulky or heavy, I will ship via USPS Standard Post.

My only rule in trading is that I do not send anything first to anyone. I don't care who has how many trades, so please spare me any demands based on the protocols of GameTZ.


I am now offering NES save battery replacement service. Send me your NES cart with a dead battery and I will solder in a new battery, as well as perform a professional cleaning and send it back to you for another 25 years worth of saves. PM me if you are interested in this service.


I've come to accept that my Nintendo DS Lite and many of my games for it are gone forever. Ironically, I still have the cases/manuals for those games--just no carts. So I would appreciate any help, or fair trade offers for CART-ONLY versions of the following DS games:

Fire Emblem DS (JPN)

Punk is the music of the white middle class.