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Interests: Games, movies, books, comics and metal \m/
Likes: Games, movies, comics or books with a good story and my metal music \m/
Dislikes: Scammers, country music and carnies. Circus folk. Nomads you know. Small hands.


I will ship first unless my rating is higher or if you're brand spanking new to the site. I have no problem shipping first most of the time anyway and am pretty lax when it comes to that, especially if you are a well known trader or at least have a few positive ratings that I can judge by. I usually ship the next business day and if a deal is agreed on a Friday, I'll ship the following Monday first thing in the morning. I look forward to trading with many of you and to escape the dreaded fees and scamming trolls on eBay! :)

Also check out my YouTube channel! I try to update every few days with game reviews, top 10 lists and theories, movie and video news and more!!!

Also check me out on Twitter for more game and movie updates!

Check out The Gray Talon (@psgorio87):

And finally here is my website for all published written articles I write that coincide with some of my YouTube videos:


"You gotta WANT it!"