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Username: SteveEndermen
Aliases: SteveEndermen - amber massey on amazon
Address: he never used a real one

Status: active
Created: February 23, 2014 at 3:11pm (EDT)
I have agreed with this member that I will pay him an amazon gc of 120 dollars value for 4 psn plus memberships "3 months memberships" nd for psn cards of total value 100 dollars

the member asked me to send first before he buys or gets the cards from his supplier to make sure that I will take them as I am still sort of new here while he is a member with a gold star

I sent him the gc nd he redeemed it on february 16 nd he told me it might take him 48 hours to get the cards

on february 17 he sent me a message telling me that the cards should be delivered to me in hours nd nothing was sent then

I never heard from him after that day, I have sent him messages nd he never responded
he didn't go online for a while so I thought something wrong happened to him but on february 22 he came back online nd he never responded to any of my messages too

so that's a report until he sends me my amazon gc back if he will really send it back cause I highly doubt it according to all the messages I have sent to him before nd he ignored all of them

here is the trade log:

I'll have your codes for in a few hours
I have received.
I sent on 16-Feb-2014.
MinaNagib's address:

6 mahmoud kotb st. - nozha - cairo - Egypt
SteveEndermen's address:
Offer Accepted
Pending trade created.
SteveEndermen gets: Amazon Gift Card
SteveEndermen gets: Paypal

Counter-Offer (pre-accepted)
Offer Created
PayPal is

Reported By: MinaNagib

Username: SteveEndermen
Address: No mailing address was provided

Status: active
Created: February 23, 2014 at 12:31pm (EDT)
I sent $35 Amazon gift card for a 1 year Netflix code. The gift card was redeemed within just a few minutes of me sending. I never got the 1 year code. At this point, I don't want a 1 year code. Based on your other BTR it probably won't be valid. I just want my $35 back.
Reported By: TJOpitz89

Username: SteveEndermen
Address: ????

Status: active
Created: February 22, 2014 at 7:23pm (EDT)
I agreed to front him $40 so I could get $100 in PSN codes then once I received I would send another $40 ($80 total amazon for $100 PSN credit) I had a previous trade with him that was instant so I felt I could trust him... That and he is a gold star, I made it known up front I didn't want this to drag out that it needed to be within 2 days he said that was no issues and sent me the offer stating it would be settled by 19th...

I sent on the 17th (3 minutes after trade was agreed upon) I checked the code it has already been redeemed by him and posted on the 20th in our trade asking for an update.

I asked again for an explanation today since I saw you decided to finally get online (3 days after our trade should have been completed and still didn't respond)

send back my money or finish the trade and I will remove this BTR until then I need to post this to warn others who you may be trying to pull this same crap on.
Reported By: Kianta

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