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Bad Trader Reports

Username: Spineshank
Address: Cody McNaughton, PO Box 255. Seaforth, ON N0k1W0

Status: active
Created: October 21, 2002 at 5:43pm (EST)
I sent him 4 CDs a long time ago, and I have not heard from him, nor have I recieved my CDs that were promised. I have emailed him repeatedly until I found that the emails were bouncing. It doesn't sound like he's coming back, but when he does, it should be known that he rips people off.
Reported By: JoshOld

Username: Spineshank
Aliases: CmcNaughton
Address: Cody McNaughton, PO Box 255. Seaforth, ON N0k1W0

Status: active
Created: December 7, 2000 at 2:36pm (EST)
let me just start by saying this person is a real a$$hole! DONT TRADE WITH HIM EVER! we agreed to send at the same time like 5 weeks ago and i still have nothing. I sent and when he got my stuff he said (well more like 2 days after he got my stuff) that the psx didnt work. i really dont beleive that because everything else worked fine so it couldnt have been from shipping and i even had it checked before i sent. Now if it wasnt bad enough he never sent his stuff when we agreed to send at the same time, listen to this. i told him that he would have to file for the damage and he could collect the money for the insurance because i had everything insured. he told me he didnt wanna and that he wanted me to give him the money from my own pocket (sounds kinda fishy) and he said if i didnt he wouldnt send me my stuff back unless I paid for all the shipping. So now hes had my stuff for like 3 weeks and ive got nothing and im gonna have to pay the second time for the shipping off my stuff. this kid is a horrible trader dont even bother talking to him!
Reported By: gr81

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