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    Telford, Pennsylvania, United StatesUnited States

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    on 26-Jan-2020 at 3:17pm

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Likes: RPGs, anime, PS1 titles
Dislikes: Dishonesty, people who don't reply to an offer in any way

Quote: "I am Divine!" - Divine

I'll entertain ANY offer and not get offended. The way I see it, any offer within a $5 or so value on games should be the goal of this site, since it allows you to skip the fees on ebay and the hassle of waiting on bids or getting outbid. I usually try and send offers within $5 of what completed listings go for, since it skips the middle man and makes everyone come out ahead vs converting everything on our list into cash on ebay and buying/selling everything.

I'm primarily interested in completing my PS1 collection. Missing a few games, and sometimes I remember a game I saw in a magazine and never got, so I add a new one to the list.

I'm really easy to work with, and I really want every single one of my wants, so let's work something out, yes?