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Interests: PC Games, Hiking, Cooking

Quote: Ship High in Transport

If you have a game on my wanted list and would prefer to sell rather than trade, send me a price. :)

Thanks to all who left feedback!

The "Sensuari's Game Library" website is now at http://questbusters3... .

Step into the Past:
I created a website and am uploading the "Questbusters Adventurer's Newletters".

The Newsletter, first published in 1984 by Shay Addams, distributed around the world and was
written by a handful of hard core gamers. It was published monthly, via the US Postal Service,
with such things as hints and walkthroughs of current games, reviews of upcoming games for
Apple, Atari, Commodore, IBM & Mac. It also included ads from gamers requesting and
offering hints for various games as well as offers to trade and sell games.

I've scanned & uploaded 72 months, about 1000 pages, so far and just completed December 1991.


My rating of the condition is based on the overall condition of the box and contents
using the "Mobyscale Collectible Software Grading Scale" developed by Moby Games.
Most of my CDs/DVDs/Disks are in Excellent condition with no scratches (referring to CDs),
no bent slides (referring to 3.5" Disks) or little to no hub marks (referring to 5.25" Disks).
Defects in the box, manual or reference card will reduce my overall rating even
though the CD/s or Disks are excellent.

I will supply a Win 95 - 10, CD/DVD or download, for most games if wanted.

*Pictures* - I'll be happy to send you a picture of both sides of the box and the contents.

I will provide a more detailed description of the condition of the box and contents.

You will always get a reply to your offer, unless I'm dead. After 76, one never knows. dead face

I will only buy or trade if the item is in the Original Box w/ Original Paper
Documentation, unless otherwise specified.

I am a collector and need items shipped in a separate box.

shake International Trades/Sales Welcome.

I will supply shipping/cost options. Shipping method is your choice, always packaged with care. smile

~ VALUE Column Legend ~

*EBAY* Games I'm selling on EBAY are advertised on the Game TZ 's Forum "Auctions" a week in advance. I will consider offers for these games up to 2 days before the start of the auction. - eg. If the Auction starts on the 21st, then I will only consider offers sent by the 19th.

*Db* in the value column are games that are known to be supported by DosBox..

Trade in the value column means I will only trade it for items on my wanted list or sell the item .
All other items I may trade for something not on my wanted list or will sell.

"F f S" (Free for Shipping) - You pay the shipping only.

Live Long and Prosper -
The Force is with You!