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    Nashua, New Hampshire, United StatesUnited States

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    on 26-Jun-2019 at 9:20am

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    since 12-Apr-2001

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Interests: Photography, Film, Movies, Comics, Scooters, Toys, Anime, Videogames
Likes: Capcom fighters & artwork. Rival Schools. Photography. My wife. Muppets. Irish
Dislikes: Lakerdodgerfan ripped me off long ago. I still hold a grudge.



Currently Playing:
PlayStation 4: Red Dead Redemption 2
Microsoft Xbox One: PUBG
Nintendo 3DS: ...
Microsoft Xbox 360: ...
Sega Saturn: ...
Sega Dreamcast: ...
Super Nintendo: ...
Nintendo 64: ...
PlayStation: ...
PlayStation 2: ...
PlayStation 3: ...
PlayStation Portable: ...

"Sid_Ceaser is known for his pics
And fits well in all of the cliques
Not one to be feared
With his hat and his beard
He proposes with muppets to chicks
- MikeyWoah


Check it out! I've got a Big ole' sale thread going on with lots
of old E3 promos, toys, collectibles, anime figures, comic figures and
all kinds of other stuff!

(games and hats and controllers and anime figures and
collectibles and toys and E3 swag and cameras and binders and
bags and pins and clocks and posters and. . . and. . .
*whew* - there's a lot of stuff. Trust me.)

Me: I'm a portrait & sometimes
fine art photographer based in Nashua NH.
I ocassionally teach photography and lighting workshops out of my studio.
I am a monthly contributor to the photography website DEDPXL

website blog workshops fine art facebook
twitter youtube instagram podcast DEDPXL

Sometimes my job takes me out of town.
I usually can't always ship the very next day (like a lot of people expect).
Sometimes I'll get a job that sucks a week out of me nonstop. Big jobs. Long days.
Please be aware of this in advance.
I apologize. I'm a little slow with shipping. It happens.
I might frustrate you; I might seem like I'm not sending,
Sometimes it takes me longer than usual to reply to a PM or an offer.
You might see me log in but not reply - sometimes I have just enough "down time" on a job
to check the forums real quick, but never enough time to type something out.
I'm not here to rip anyone off. I promise.
I ship first class with Delivery Confirmation when possible.
I try to make trades go as fast & smooth as possible.
I only trade in the United States.
Sorry Canada. Nothing personal.

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