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Bad Trader Reports

Username: ShishioMakoto
Address: C. Bowling 2857 PS Business Center Dr Woodbridge VA 22192

Status: active
Created: July 3, 2017 at 5:53pm (EST)
Initial trade discussions began on 4/13, but real discussions actually happened on 5/14, when ShishioMakoto and I agreed to a trade in which he would transfer $335 in eStarland (https://www.estarlan...) credit to my account for $210 paypal gifted, if I was able to send that day. While I was skeptical if the transfer of credit could even be done, I was assured "All I have to do is go in and have them put it on your account. They're location is local for me. Just register an account there and I can have my credit transferred over." Also, given that this was shaping up to one of those too good to be true offers, he again assured me "I have to have them transfer so it will be in the same time frame, but I plan on going there tomorrow. We are both multi gold stars of course. I can guarantee you will have it within 24 hours. I really need to cash so my hope is my rep speaks for itself as we're both long time users." This lead to an offer being sent and accepted on 5/14/17, and within 5 minutes of the trade pending, I had already sent the agreed upon payment of $210 via paypal. I provided my email and eStarland user name, and ShishioMakoto marked the trade as received within 20 minutes.

The following day 5/15 he told me he was not able to make it to the store in order for them to transfer the credit, and that he would "make it happen tomorrow for sure".

The following day 5/16 I followed up but heard nothing.

The following day 5/17 I heard back, telling me that there were new reps and he was having trouble with his credit, and said that if things couldn't get cleared up quickly he would send my money back and then some. "If they do not let me transfer or get this sorted out in the next day I will send your money back with a little extra for the trouble. "

The following day 5/18 I follow up asking for updates, and heard nothing.

5/20 is the next update with simply "Will update you today, sorry for the wait." No additional update came that day.

I followed up on 5/21 and 5/23 with no response.

ShishioMakoto responded next on 5/24 "Sorry for the lack of communication. Was trying to get this taken care of with credit but having issues. I will have something to you shortly."

On 5/26 I propose the idea that I can just give him a list of games for him to buy and ship to me with no response.

I follow up on 5/27 after seeing that he has gotten hit with a BTR (maybe 2, for separate trades made in the same window that ours was), asking for some kind of response in the next 24 hours, and receive nothing.

5/31 he respond to the BTRs saying " you are the one here whom actually I wouldn't be bothered by a BTR. I'm going to get you back tomorrow or Friday when I get paid with some extra as I stated."

I follow up on 6/3 (the Saturday after the promised Friday), and finally get a response on 6/4. He tells me that he finally got his paycheck, but now his PayPal account is "all jacked up from another issue." He again promises to get me my money back with "something tacked on" and asks for another few days, says he will keep in touch, and states that "it wont run another week."

on 6/6 I re-suggest giving him a list of games to purchase, and he says he can accommodate, but that it would take 4 days or so to ship them out. I take a day to think about it, he follows up on 6/8 asking what I want to do, and says that the drop dead date for me to get my money back is next Thursday if that is the route I want to go. On 6/16 he follows up saying that he got his check the previous day, and that his account is screwed up and that he will need to have someone else send, saying that he would let me know the email and amount once he gets it settled. In all fairness, I will say admit that I was not able to respond in a reasonable time frame here, as I was traveling for work, and was giving up hope on this ever going through.

On 6/16 I respond that I was traveling for work and visiting family, and I say that just getting the money back to me is best.

6/19 ShishioMakoto responds with "Understood. I am working out having someone else send this for me. will let you know when we are good"

No word or communication for another 10 days. On 6/29 I follow up and point out that it has been 6 weeks since the trade was initiated after he guaranteed that it would be taken care of in 24 hours. I propose two games for him to purchase and ship directly to me (and even provide him a coupon to offset some of the overages to the original agreed upon amount). I also state that the other way to make good on this is to paypal me back $260.

I do not get a response, but do see that he has logged into the site on 7/1 after my last message, so I am now submitting the BTR.

This trade has gone on way too long, and I would like to either a) get my estarland credit or b) get my money back with the aforementioned additional funds. Once we can figure that out, I will remove the BTR. The sporadic communication, the suspect "jacked up" paypal account, and the ongoing "I'll pay you once I get my paycheck" excuses have just gone on for too long at this point.

One year later, and I still have not seen any reciprocation. In fact, he has gone completely radio silent (even after, again, promising to make things right), and has not even signed into the site in over two months.

Since the 1 year mark (5/2018), I have heard from this user three separate times via trade message, each reassuring me that some kind of payment was on the way, yet nothing has actually been sent through. I continue to wait, and reach out, but have not heard anything since mid-October.
Reported By: jsoncip38
Response from Accused "Bad Trader": (25-Jul-2018)
The truth is crazy isn't it. So when you finally get paid from an account that isn't mine, youll understand. Sorry for the delay, not my intention and you're not the only one in line. You'll get paid just like I stated.

Update- I fudgeed up and I am terrible. My man will get his money soon.

ShishioMakoto GameTZ Gold Subscriber Global Trader - willing to trade internationally BTRs



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