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Bad Trader Reports

Username: RBK
Aliases: Taku Ogbojo
Address: Unknown

Status: active
Created: December 5, 2018 at 7:59pm (EST)
I send him $25 loan a little over a month ago. When the due day come,. he claim he can't pay off atm. I waited and today he cancel the trade on me, also noticed he was trying to get additional loan. I will be willing to take this off when the $35 agreed amount get pay back or he give me somethign of eualivant value.
Reported By: Xellos2099

Username: RBK
Aliases: Taku Ogbojo
Address: unsure (all transactions were digital)

Status: active
Created: December 5, 2018 at 6:45pm (EST)
On October 4th, RBK borrowed $25 from me and agreed to repay either $30 by October 18th or $35 by November 1st, 2018. On October 30th, RBK messaged me and said he would have to extend the loan, because he was running low on funds. I agreed to extend to November 15th for $5 more (total repayment of $40). RBK responded with "Sending payment shortly" the same day (October 30th). Two weeks later, on November 14th, he said "Smh, gonna have to wait until I get a refund. Honestly might not be able to pay it just considering my money situation." I said that I thought he'd told me he would be paying me back shortly. He said he lost his job. I agreed to give him more time. He said he'd send $20 soon. On November 19th, I asked when he would be sending a partial payment. He responded with "Honestly can't say. When I can is the best I can say."

Despite all of that, I was giving RBK more time and trying to be understanding. However, today, he tried to cancel the trade. He also attempted to cancel loans he has not repaid to other traders today. On the attempted trade cancellations, he put "When the time permits...if ever." This is not acceptable.

I will remove this BTR when the loan is repaid.

2022 Update: RBK originally owed me $5 in Amazon credit still from a previous trade, but he came back and repaid that, so I appreciate it. It seems like he abandoned his account again, but at least he settled up on one of the two trades originally left unresolved.
Reported By: Bleed_DukeBlue


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