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Username: MarkFitz
Aliases: fitzguy
Address: 71 Browning Rd Lancaster, PA 17602

Status: active
Created: January 18, 2002 at 9:13pm (EDT)
Mark and I had an agreement that he would sell me Intelligent qube for psx. The money was sent on Dec. 18th and after a few weeks I still hadnt recieved the game. So I decided I would call him to see what was going on. He agreed over the phone that he had recieved the money, but I still have not recieved the game. It is now Jan. 18th exactly one month since the money went out, and no game. Beware of this guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reported By: brentreznor

Username: MarkFitz
Aliases: FitzGuy, MarkFitz
Address: 71 Browning Rd Lancaster,Pa 17602

Status: active
Created: November 13, 2001 at 9:48am (EDT)
Mr. Fitzgerald has received my end of the deal and I have waited months for his end. He was sending first so I waited a day or two after he told me he sent the trade and promptly mailed mine, assuming that he had sent his. And now my emails to him as to the problem are not answered. I am understanding and if there was a problem sending, I would not mind. Just would have liked a little info. The police had told me that if I can prove another committal of fraud that I should call them back. So, If you see this, please either send your end of the deal or send mine back, as I dont wish to take legal action. I believe this person has also created another account so be on the lookout for the address and location. Apparently he hasn't ripped enough people off.
Reported By: rcblackbeltjones

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