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Username: MajorGimp

Status: active
Created: January 3, 2016 at 9:02pm (EDT)
I have traded with this user before so when he asked for a paypal loan I didn't hesitate to give it to him. It was my first loan and probably will be my last.
04 Mar 2013 he wanted $150.00, so I sent it to him with an agreement to repay in a couple of months.
16 Mar 2013 he needed more and wanted to know if I could send more with same repayment. I sent $350 more for a total of $500 with interest.
17 June 2013 he sends $25. He would've sent more but he had employment problems, etc.
August 2013 he sends $85 psp game system.
Nothing more until $20 in June 2014
Leaving a balance of $380 plus interest.

There has been a lot of communication between us as to why he didn't pay this off. There was always a reason or excuse. But I did see other trades/loans that got paid off before mine. I don't know why and who he chose to pay off first. I will not remove this until I get goods or payment from him. Sorry I had to do this, but it has gone on long enough...
Reported By: bunkiesue

Username: MajorGimp

Status: active
Created: January 25, 2015 at 4:29pm (EDT)
Loaned Danny Thomas $300 on July 30th, 2014. Hoped to repay $320 by October 4th, 2014.

He was constantly telling me "I got a new job"..."I get paid soon"...etc. But every time he gave me a date of any repayment, he would have a reason why he couldn't.

I agreed to forego the interest on the loan (so I will take $300 back instead of $320).

The only thing I've received is about $84 worth of games on November 4th, 2014 and $17.50 worth of games on December 15, 2014.

Since then, more dates proposed, more dates come and go.

Furthermore, he has made purchases on this site via paypal.

I am willing to accept more games/items instead of the $198.50 he still owes, but now he won't respond to messages on GTZ.

Still waiting for the money or some type of repayment, but it seems more and more likely that MG is not going to come through, and is unwilling to take the steps necessary to do good on the loans he has out.

UPDATE 3/1: MajorGimp emailed me on 2/9, saying he isn't going to rip anyone off, and he would update his listing and get in touch with people. Well, he didn't do any of those things. I replied asking if he could maybe send me some items to make up for the loan. No reply, and I haven't heard from him since.

UPDATE 2/11/16 I emailed Majorgimp today. Waiting for a reply. It's been 5 months since I heard from him, and at that time it was merely an email basically saying he couldn't pay me at that time. All I want is SOMETHING in return. Games? Shoes? Candy Bars? He surely got something for Xmas he didn't want that he could have sent to me. It's ridiculous. He clearly has no intention of paying.
Reported By: Admiral

Username: MajorGimp

Status: active
Created: January 6, 2015 at 12:18pm (EDT)
On Feb 10th a trade/loan was established for me to provide $150 in PayPal funds to MajorGimp, with repayment to be completed 3 months later on May 15th as well as the game Super Paper Mario to be received as payment/interest for the loan.
Funds were sent on Feb 12th.
May 8th I started communication to see about receiving repayment when due, was told it might be a few days late, but would be repaid in full.
May 16th was told he lost 1 of 2 jobs and he requested more time, I had no issue, he agreed to send Paper Mario which I received June 2nd.
June 10th I was told he now had lost his 2nd job.
June 13th received $20, told I'd get more soon and that he had found a new job.
July 23rd given an excuse about medical issues.
Two games, totaling $19 were agreed upon as additional repayment, they were sent and received around mid-August, repayment amount stands at $111, more funds promised but not received.
Sept 27th promised some more funds on Oct 14th, not received.
Oct 20th excuse given for no funds.
Nov 11th last communication telling of a new job and promised 100% funds on Nov 28th, not received.
Dec 5th and 16th I requested updates, was ignored.
After talking to another of his lenders and Bill I decided to consider a BTR.
Dec 29th I messaged him stating that I hadn't heard anything in 7 weeks, was tired of excuses and no communication. Stated that I would file a BTR if I didn't receive any communication by Jan 5th.
No responses while he has had activity on the site since Dec 29th.

I have told him that I'm not in a hurry to get my remaining funds back and I'm still not but understandably I feel like I may not get any more funds. I am willing to accept some form of repayment plan and had suggested one before, I however want/need some reassurance that the plan will be honored since I was told that I would get funds several times and did not. I am not interested in any more games as repayment but would take as little as $5/week, $10/bi-weekly, $20/monthly. I'd simply like to get my funds back that have been loaned out for nearly 11 months.

I didn't want to file this be feel like I'm being ignored. Based on his other recent completed and pending trades I'm also upset that I've not been paid back.

Update, on April 10th he contacted me saying he was getting some tax money back and would resolve our loan, asking for the exact amount. I provided and haven't heard a thing since April 25th.
Reported By: Slickriven

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