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Bad Trader Reports

Username: LL_Cool_J
Aliases: Silky (Sean Watkins), Ja_Rule (Christopher Reed)
Address: 32-717 Aspen Rd.,Comox, BC V9M 3X4 Canada

Status: active
Created: August 9, 2003 at 9:48am (EST)
We have evidence that indicates you have used several aliases and accumulated several Bad Trader Reports. 1 BTR last login 22-Apr-2002
Christopher Reed 2 BTRs last login 9-Jun-2003
Sean Watkins
Nokio was merged to Silky, also had been "Swizz_Beatz_"
Address was: 32-717 Aspen Rd.,Comox, BC V9M 3X4 Canada

Shawn Frisby - if you want to use GameTZ, you'll need to resolve these 3 old BTRs. If you don't, we will be notifying the Comox police.

I'm posting this to warn all the Pending trade before I suspend the LL_Cool_J account.
Reported By: bill

Username: LL_Cool_J

Status: active
Created: July 12, 2003 at 9:32am (EST)
I send out my nhl 2k3 on xbox, for his the fan, fifth element, O and exit wounds dvd's. I sent my part first just trying to be a nice guy and help him out cuz he was new. I sent probably June first because he said he sent his stuff, but i never got it. I waited to file this because he said he was going out of town for a couple weeks. It's been over a month. I want my stuff sean! Send it now either my game or movies. I don't care. Send it to me and this will come down.
Reported By: dylan

Username: LL_Cool_J
Aliases: Ja_Rule
Address: 32-717 Aspen Rd.,Comox, BC V9M 3X4 Canada

Status: active
Created: February 15, 2002 at 1:21pm (EST)
Agreed to trade my Wrestlemania 2000 for his Shenmue on 01/07/02. I sent the next day and he stated he would be sending the day after that. I have not yet received anything from him, and cannot get any email response. I just submitted a mail fraud report to the Postal Service as well, and also have the telephone number for his local authorities. All I want is my game back and I will promptly remove this, and forget the whole thing ever happened.
Reported By: cburgener

LL_Cool_J Canada BTRs

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