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    Hillsdale, Michigan, United StatesUnited States

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    on 9-Dec-2019 at 10:53am

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    since 2-Sep-2009

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    Trade or Sell

Interests: Playing Bass, mowing lawns, banging my head on the Punk Rock
Likes: Ragin' Full On
Dislikes: Repairing docks, jaded people


I trade most of the time, but I'll be happy to look at any reasonable cash offer. If you are interested in buying any of my games, don't hesitate to send me an offer. I accept Paypal (gifted payments are preferred). If I have something you want, and you have nothing on my want list, feel free to make an offer anyway. I'll kindly decline if I'm not interested but you may have a gem that I forgot to list.

I will ship games via USPS First Class Mail (First Class International to Canada) with Delivery Confirmation (not to Canada) and would appreciate the same. I always use padded envelopes with extra bubble wrap for added protection. I use Priority Mail for most larger items and always try to ship the next day by either method. I don't expect you to send the next day, but please, don't wait one or two weeks with no explanation as to why. You will receive less than stellar feedback from me if this happens.

One last plea to any and all potential traders: Please have the courtesy to decline if you are not interested in an offer. Waiting for an offer to time out is just about the most uncool thing you can do. Believe me, I've had at least three times as many trade offers time out as I have had offers accepted/declined/countered. It really won't hurt my feelings if you decline, even if you'd rather not tell me why. I'll do the same for you (including a message as to why), so no hard feelings.

Now that the annoying stuff is out of the way, let's trade!