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Username: Joesworld79
Address: joe Gile 21 Elbow st bellingham, ma 02019

Status: active
Created: November 18, 2011 at 7:07pm (EDT)
So back in August I pended a trade with Joesword79. A loan for 50 dollars, he would pay me back 60 on the 31st of October. Well I sent him a message on Nov. 7, saying "hey, hope you didn't forget our trade". He was on at the time I sent it, and on afterwards, so I believe he would have gotten it. Messaged him a few days later threatening a btr if he didn't respond by tuesday.

Will delete this BTR if:
1) I get the 60 dollars as agreed to in the beginning of the trade
2) I get my original 50 dollars back
Reported By: ChairDancer

Username: Joesworld79
Address: 21 Elbow st bellingham, ma 02019

Status: active
Created: October 15, 2011 at 3:21pm (EDT)
he was supposed to pay me back on September 30th but said he needed a little more time since then he hasn't responded to any of my messages, ill delete this when he pays me the 55 dollars
Reported By: Erik

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