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    Columbia, Tennessee, United StatesUnited States

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    on 17-Feb-2020 at 10:03am

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    not currently subscribed

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    PS3 Games, PS4 Games, BluRay Movies, PS Vita Games

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    Trade, Buy or Sell

Interests: Games: collecting and playing
Likes: Survival Horror, FPS, anything Metal Gear
Dislikes: Bad Trade Offers dead face

Quote: "...But dreams have a nasty habit of going bad when you're not looking." - Max Payne

Shipping Days
I now ship pretty much every day thanks to the wonderful invention that is online shipping.

I no longer accept returns. If you return anyways I will either; a) Refuse, return to sender. or b) Take the return and not send you anything back. This is due to a user who took advantage of me by return.

Paypal - I accept both debit and credit payments.

If you're trying to sell something and I inquire, don't say "Give me a price," or "Make an offer." There are few things that frustrate me more than a seller not giving his price. After all, you're selling it for a reason and already know how much you're looking for.

Some COLLECTION ITEMS are up for trade, but they will be hard to get.

Note: For jewel-case disc games, conditions are for the game disc and manuals only. The case could have a crack and wear, but if the game and manual are in excellent condition, it's going to be listed as excellent. I'll always try and let you know ahead of time.

No. of Pirates Reported:

matchGameTZ's Bestmatch
vDub - Traded with him 8 times and they've all been great.
Game_Hunter - Need an import? He's the guy to call.
AnsemDarkRuler / OldSchoolGamer / Abarai_Renji - Pure awesomeness.
Bassgrabber - 3 trades and counting new

warningGameTZ's Worstwarning
shadowmaster23 - He received the game I sent him, but never sent his side of the trade and then cancelled the trade.
allprodave - Sent me pirated software even though he claimed it was original and then threatened me with a BTR for not wanting to finish the trade.
DangerDave - Tried trading me burns.
slipknot055873 - Tried trading me burns.

No. of Lowball Trade Offers
I stopped counting when it hit 300 >_<