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    on 16-Sep-2018 at 5:11pm

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Interests: LEGO, RPGs, classic nintendo games, billiards
Likes: family time, chicken/shrimp nachos, coding, pepsi, naps
Dislikes: drama

Quote: SPOON!!!

Pictures of most all my games for trade can be found in my google spreadsheet. Apparantly Google Spreadsheets/Docs, etc doesn't really like being ran on mobile phones and similar "light OS" devices so a full OS like a PC or MAC will be needed to view them properly and click the picture links.

Currently focusing on items from my Wanted list, priority on trades will be given to those who can help out there.

If you are sensative to smoke smell or other odors, be forewarned that all my games will have some sort of odor as I mainly buy lots from craigslist, ebay, flea markets, garage sales and so on which almost always have these problems. My games are all stored together in plastic tubs so any pre-existing aromas will likely affect all others in the same box. Full disclosure is I have it listed everywhere else I trade but am adding this here today Jan 5, 2016 so there are no surprises for anyone.