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    Hey guys,

    Welcome to my page! First things first, let me just lay out a few ground rules for trading.

    1.) If you have a higher star ranking, I send first. If we have the same ranking, we'll be sending at the same time. If you have a lower ranking, you send first. I may bend that for special circumstances, but those rules are pretty standard around here and I intend to follow them.

    2.) Please be prompt when sending out. I will be with my part, so I expect the same. If you can't for whatever reason, please let me know.

    3.) Communication is huge. I hate being left out in the dark with no idea of what's going on. I realize crud happens in life, and if a situation arises, I'm more then gracious to understand that you have a life outside of this website. What I do expect, though, is for you to send me a note when you get the chance.

    4.) Please be honest with what you are sending. I am, and so I expect with the people that I'm dealing with. If your disc is scratched up, I'd like to know about it before I complete a trade with you for it.

    5.) If paying by paypal, you will receive the address after we pend the trade.

    6.) I do not send via gifted paypal. I refuse to not have any of the protection afforded by paypal when dealing with people I don't know.