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      Lakeland, Florida, United StatesUnited States

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      on 11-Jun-2019 at 10:58am

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      XBOX One Games/Accs

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      Trade, Buy or Sell

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    Interests: Xbox One
    Likes: Cars, Games & MMA


    Hey fellow traders, I only have a few rules when it comes to trading/selling:

    1. Most of the time, if I have less feedback, I wouldn't mind sending first...but if you have a couple more feedback then me, I would appreciate it if we would try sending at the same time. Same goes for traders with a little less feedback than myself.

    2. If I sell you anything, I accept Paypal.

    3. If you have a BTR, your sending first.

    4. No incomplete games. Games have to include original cases, manuals and case artwork.

    5. Absolutely no refurbished games!

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