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    Durango, Colorado, United StatesUnited States

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    on 20-Oct-2019 at 12:48am

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A few notes on trading and dealing with me.

I'm usually very understanding and easy to deal with but please, if I make you an offer you don't like, don't just say no, counter offer me. That's the idea of the site.

And when you're trading with me, I understand things come up and maybe you can't make it to the post office or whatever. But when things do come up, I expect you to be able to at least keep me informed, I feel like that's fair. Otherwise I may lower your courtesy rating. :(

Most importantly is that I will be very careful to make sure my items are marked accurately for condition and completeness, but as soon as it's left my hand at the post office I have no control of how it is handled. If things to get a bit bumped during shipping and you do end up unhappy, I will do my best to make you happy, but once I've shipped the item, the care is out of my hands.