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    Looking for any fun PC, XBox, PS2 or SNES games. Favorites: 1) RPG / Adventure; 2) Action / Shooters; 3) Strategy -- Turn-based War or Empire Building.

    Always on the lookout for old gems. Doesn't matter how recent they are, as long as they're fun!

    Feel free to make me an offer! Willing to negotiate with cash also.

    BTW: When I say "no box" on a game listing, that means that I don't have the original cardboard box that the game was sold in. I almost always do keep the original plastic "jewel case" that holds the game discs and will provide it with any trade.

    * NOTE: If you propose a trade or agree to a trade with me, I will assume that you know what the ESRB rating is for the game(s) that you are going to receive from me and that you are of an appropriate age for it. Please do not make any offers or agreements to trade with me for you to receive any game that is not age-appropriate for you. I am happy to provide anyone with the ESRB ratings of any of my available listed games upon request. *