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Bad Trader Reports

Username: Apr1de987
Aliases: Kenny Cheung
Address: 1730 Solly Avenue, Philadelphia PA 19152

Status: active
Created: October 25, 2002 at 6:52pm (EST)
We agreed that I would send my Pentium 3 1ghz, motherboard, and 64mb RAM for $150. I sent my end and it was confirmed to be delivered over a month ago (9-24-02) by the USPS website. He has since cut contact and I have not received any payment. I looked up his address online and found his other gametz account (inactive because he ripped off 2-3 other people). I've filed a mail fraud, so hopefully that'll keep it from being a complete loss. Hopefully by filing this I'll keep anybody else from going through the problem of dealing with this scam artist.
Reported By: jackgriffith

Username: Apr1de987
Aliases: Apr1de987)
Address: Kenny Cheung1730 Solly Ave.philadelphia, PA 19152

Status: active
Created: May 9, 2001 at 12:54am (EST)
I've been more then patient with this guy... I must have now been waiting for 2 monthss for my side of the deal.. It started like this, I sent him Sonic Shuffle + Rainbow Six Gold Edition and in Return he would send me Mario Party 2. I sent it off and about 3 weeks later he sent me an email saying he recieved it... then I got an email about 1 week later saying how his account was all messed and how he couldn't check his mail and he asked me to be patient and he would send it off... I waited.. waited.. and waited.. and now its May 08! a deal I made on March 14th still hasn't been completed. Kenny, I've waited for some time and if you don't send me an email I will soon have to take legal action! Just please email me, I want to get this trade done.
Reported By: LL_Cool_J

Username: Apr1de987
Aliases: apr1de987
Address: 1730 Solly Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19152

Status: active
Created: April 9, 2001 at 11:06pm (EST)
I sent him Ecco the Dolphin and Sword of the Berserk for Dreamcast in February. After about a month, I saw him on the forums trying to trade the games that I sent him. He didn't even tell me that he had received them, as he said he would. So I asked him about it on the forum and he said that he had indeed received them. From this, I gathered that he probably received the games a lot sooner than he suggested, seeing as I sent ground priority and it shouldn't have taken longer than a week. Anyway, after that, he sent me an email telling me that he didn't like the games. I asked him what he was talking about, as I specifically explained the condition of both of the games. He ignored the question. A few days later, I sent him an email asking when he was planning on sending my games. He said that he'd send them within the next few days. This was well over a month ago. I have tried to get in contact with him, asking when I should be receiving the games with no answer. By the way, every time I DID speak to him, he was hard to understand. His english was terrible and he would ignore the majority of my questions.

This Bad trader report will stay up until I receive an apology AND my games.(chu chu rocket and toy commander, both on dreamcast) If this doesn't happen soon, I will sue him for mail fraud.

Kenny, please just send me an email and tell me what's going on, then send my games if you haven't already. I'm a nice guy, but I won't put up with this garbage.
Reported By: mister_Tee

Username: Apr1de987
Address: 1730 Solly Aveune, Philadelphia, PA 19152

Status: active
Created: April 5, 2001 at 10:30am (EST)

I received and email, finally, from him on 4/10. The text is below :

"hi, i'm very sorry about the trade,i've been away for that time and something went wrong with my AOL. I can't get on Gametz to check who i traded with because my account was disable so i was waiting for other people to send me email but i didnt know what happen, i'm not getting some email. My cousin just checked my account and he told me i got a lot of bad trader report. i don't care about it anymore since i don't have the account. I'll try to send your stuff out ASAP so just bare with me. I might have to do it after the break but i will send. Very sorry for the inconvience."

Needless to say, I won't hold my breath.


We agreed on a trade in which I would send Unreal Tournament and he would send Gladiator DVD. He insisted that I send first because I had less trades (33 to 30).

My part of the trade was delivered Saturday, March 23rd, 2001 as indicated by the delivery confirmation number on the Post Office's web site. He indicated that he would be able to send the following Tuesday or Wednesday.

Later, he deleted our trade from the game site. I asked for an explaination since he had already received my part of the trade, and he replied that it was a mistake, he deleted the wrong one, and he reentered the trade on the site.

It's been over a week and a half since he received the game that I sent. I have emailed him repeatedly asking about when he would send his part, with no answer. The emails do not bounce and his account indicates that he last logged in on April 1st.

Do not trade with this guy. At the very best, he sucks at communication and has unacceptable delays, but I don't expect to see his part of the trade.

Kenny, if you're reading this ... You shouldn't have committed mail fraud on a police officer with a law degree. I will do my best to get law enforcement in your county involved. This can be prevented by returning the game I sent, or even doing something unusual like sending an email.
Reported By: Kiddycop

Username: Apr1de987
Aliases: BigGuyalltime
Address: 1730 Solly Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19152

Status: active
Created: April 2, 2001 at 5:10pm (EST)
At the beginning of March he offered me five N64 games for $70, I sent the money and waited about a week. Which i then send him an email asking if he received the money and/or send the games, well he never replied and I sent two more emails but each time they came back to me saying that his email address does not exist anymore. So anyway David if you are reading this please send the games and I will remove this report.
Reported By: m115919h

Username: Apr1de987
Aliases: BigGuyalltime
Address: 1703 Solly Ave., Philadelphia, PA, 19152

Status: active
Created: February 21, 2001 at 5:02pm (EST)
I sent this guy a SNES w/Games, THPS2 w/Guide, Sidewinder Gamepad, and a couple Dreamcast games in exchange for $120.00US. I sent it on Friday February 16, 2001. We agreed as soon as I proved I sent by emailing him a picture of the receipt and insurance slip, he would send me the $120.00 over paypal directly to my bank account. He has not been emailing me in the last couple days after he told me he sent it but it never left his account (sounds like he didn't send it). And yesterday morning at about 8:30am I REQUESTED the $120.00 but he hasn't confirmed it yet so I can't get my damn money. I am getting impatient and thats why I put this up. I told him if I didn't have the money by Monday at 6pm I would leave this but I was nice and waited until now (Wednesday).

David Horwitz, as soon as I get my money whether its through paypal directly in to my account or whether you send me a money order in the mail, I will take down this Bad Trader Report. HURRY UP AND EMAIL ME BACK OR CONFIRM THE REQUEST ON PAYPAL OR SEND A MONEY ORDER!!!!

Reported By: Spineshank

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