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Bad Trader Reports

Username: Abstrakt23
Aliases: Kristine (He's a guy though)
Address: New Jersey

Status: active
Created: January 9, 2008 at 5:10pm (EST)
Edited: January 10, 2008 at 1:08am (EST)
This is truly pathetic. He should be ashamed of himself. Abstrakt23 asked in the Secret Santa thread if someone could loan him the 8 weeks sub time bond. At the time I was broke. A couple of days later I had the money. I sent the bond to Todd and sent a PM to Abstrakt23. I explained very clearly when Todd refunded him the time he was to return it to me. I've gone looking for him but get the brush off. He Got His Bond Posted For Him AND STIFFED HIS SECRET SANTA PARTNER TOO

What a sleazy, slimy piece of work. Enclosed below are the Pm's regarding this transaction.

on 10-Nov-2007 at 9:13am mmm40x

Hey there. I sent Cygnus your 8 week Secret Santa bond. Now you need to go to the Secret Santa thread and sign up on his site. The link is in his first post. After you complete your SS transaction Cygnus will return the 8 weeks to you and then you can just send it back to me! Enjoy this years SS. It's always fun!


on 11-Nov-2007 at 2:20am Abstrakt23

Oh thank you Miranda for being so kind to me from day one, i really appreciate it!

And yes i'll sign up asap


on 23-Dec-2007 at 1:42am mmm40x

You still need to repay the 8 weeks I lent you. I was nice enough to loan it to you I should not have had to go looking for you. Please return it now.


on 24-Dec-2007 at 12:24am Abstrakt23

looks like i got to scrape up some subtime


on 25-Dec-2007 at 9:21am mmm40x

Um, when will that be? I'm running out of sub time and Christmas has wiped out my checking account.


on 28-Dec-2007 at 4:00am Abstrakt23

well id have to trade for it, i dont have a credit or debit card


on 28-Dec-2007 at 2:00pm mmm40x

Bill accepts money orders. 5.00 = the 2 months I paid out of my own pocket. Please take care of this.


on 30-Dec-2007 at 5:37am Abstrakt23

5 bucks no problem give me like a week or two to have it sent out, i go to school and work so i am busy, i appreciate you lending me the subtime, but theres no need to get stressed over 5 dollars.


January 9, 2008 mmm40x

I still have heard nothing from Kristine. Today CygnusTM made a report that Abstrakt23 stiffed his secret Santa partner and sent them nothing.

This BTR isn't about the 8 weeks/$5.00 It's the principle of the matter.
How low is it to barrow the sub time bond to get into the Secret Santa, never send a gift to your partner and not pay back the person that gave you your bond? This guy is so low he can slither under a snake.This BTR makes me feel dirty. I need to go wash my hands.

Reported By: Miranda
Response from Accused "Bad Trader": (9-Jan-2008)
Actually if you read my original post i asked if someone could lend me the subtime, as in give me in.

Maybe you dont understand that i go to school and work and i'm busy, all my trades get done even if they take time. Your the one who's making a huge ordeal over $5

I will be sending you a $5 money order tomorrow.

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