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Tekken 6 (PlayStation 3)

Reviewed by: hasone2 Bronze Good Trader Has Written 6 Reviews
Reviewed on: 27-Dec-2010


This game features 1-on-1 fight modes with 40 characters to play with from the start, (no unlocking characters) and also a run around beat'em up game called the Scenario Campaign with 40 areas to fight through. Overall a very complete game. The 1-on-1portion walks the line of a pick up and play button masher and a rather technically difficult fight system to learn completely with an in between area for players to get used to the ease of use and the more difficult aspect of it. You learn as you play that the game is really designed for expert play and it transitions you into that fight system rather easily. At advanced levels juggling can happen with some characters and to learn the skills of juggling is best left to those that really want to learn cause it is all about split second speed and brute force. There are fantasy physics involved that are great and needed but with the juggle combos get to be a little much. The game doesn't really stray to far into a cartoon combat world but certain moments do happen. The majority of animations are very detailed and overall this game can be played and enjoyed without ever getting a grasp of the juggling. Online is really the place to see it in action. In ranked rooms online you are able to save replays of matches so you can see how you won or lost, or see how other players use a character. To play online you really need a fast internet connection.

The character moves number more than 100+ and include side step moves and various grabs but with all that an issue occurs with input errors making it difficult to perform any and all moves on command. The up, down, left, right, and diagonal movements of the d-pad control do so much in this game, that inputting similar directional and button variations contribute to a fight system that is great at first for having many moves but because of it is a challenge, especially concerning consistency. (especially in a cramped quick give and take fight). It starts out being a cool game with tons of action that you keep coming back to for a time, but it leads to a feeling of frustration trying to become an expert when there is an inability to truly control a character at all times because of insane timing needed to get moves in, resulting in user generated input errors. (moves you didn't want or moves you can't make happen consistently on command)

Tekken has been great over the years and this version of the game is an evolution of the franchise, yet the juggling actually gets to a point of de-evolution in my opinion. I don't think it is a necessary fight mechanic more than allowing an extra hit here or there. This Tekken allows players to perform up to 10-hit combos made up of various other combos in succession, keeping opponents up, down and all around with characters that throw fast moves at you from all angles. At times ending a round very quickly and very lop-sidedly. And that is a problem because learning a character is tough, knowing how another character will come at is what makes a fight interesting, but when all of them just juggle you fast from all angles it gets impossible to play unless you fight back as a juggler yourself. So juggling is the balancer (for expert play) that allows you to beat any character with another.

The majority of move animations connect very well, though there are a few characters with moves that shouldn't touch you at all because you are laying on the ground. Some characters moves like upper cuts or power knee strikes that hit you while you are laying flat on the ground, will either give damage or pop you up into the air, only by hitting you in the shoe, causing you to flip head over heels at times, so it becomes something of a novelty playing this game after a while because of both the underlying juggling mechanics involved and the infrequent, seemingly impossible hit damage that can occur without even being touched. If you plan to play with strangers online your willingness to accept that hitting someone repeatedly in the shoe is a good thing to do, or getting hit by a knee strike while on the ground will make or break this game for you. The overall balance among the 40 characters moves, speed and power is pretty good and you can learn a character well enough to defeat any other without having to juggle. The overall game experience is very playable and enjoyable. It's fun for a casual play style while still trying to push you to an advanced player stage.

Scenario Campaign: (the PSP has no scenario campaign mode)
The fast pace of the Tekken 6 juggling mechanics perform very well in this mode. The run around game has some weapons to pick and shoot at enemies and a long metal pipe to swing around. Both modes also allow you to equip character specific weapons that require non-user friendly 3 buttons at once combos. (I linked to a tutorial video in the links). You can also customize clothing (for use in all modes) and certain clothes you find in the run around game will upgrade you characters abilities in this game mode, larger health bar, more power, etc. The run around scenario campaign is fun. Generally speaking novice players will just spam forward attacks and maybe get in another type of learned attack move on occasion. It is more about running around using button mashing combo moves, and not directional button combo moves. So you will just run around with the analog thumb stick and do button combos maybe switch to the d-pad for a directional combo from time to time when the crowds and distance to the enemy is right. The pace of it is very good and you just basically beat up groups of enemy or wave after wave of enemy while making your way to a boss fight area with an AI partner helping you. Story plot lines are involved and each character is a boss of there own area plus there is a big unplayable boss at the end. I have gone back through the campaign areas several times, for fun, or to collect money or items. It is very easy to go back and pick an area from the world map once you have beaten an area. Often several areas become available.

You can use every button on the controller. There are 2 front grabs, 2 side grabs and 2 variations of rear grabs, plus you can grab back to escape a grab. Hold back or diagonally down to block. Each characters moves are listed and you can watch a demo of each move. There are 3 variations of button inputs + whatever the directional input is if you do a directional input.
1.) Press one button then press another
2.) Press one button and another at the same time (together)
3.) Press one button then before lifting your finger off press another, in a clutch like transition.

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