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Nintendo Game Boy Color (Game Boy Color)

Reviewed by: BroBeWan Has Written 7 Reviews
Reviewed on: 10-Mar-2009


Here is the successor to Nintendo's Game Boy, the Game Boy Color, released Nov. 19th 1998. It features a color screen and is slightly taller and thicker than the GB pocket. The Game Boy Color's graphics are about the same as the Game Boy's except for looking sharper. A nice thing about the Game Boy Color is that it can play Game Boy Games, so you can buy it without giving up your old favorites. But it cannot play GBA Games so don't even try.

The cartridges are designed for to only work with the Game Boy Color or the Game Boy Advance. Black cartridges are designed for the Game Boy Color and will also work on previous systems, as they have a similar design to the original gray Game Boy cartridges. The black cartridges can be easily identified from the gray ones. The European and American releases of the Pokémon games feature different color cartridges. The System is capable of showing 56 different colors simultaneously on screen from its palette of 32,768, and could add basic four-color shading to games that had been developed for the original Game Boy. It could also give the sprites and backgrounds separate colors, for a total of more than four colors.

The Game Boy Color's Specifications:

Proccesor: Z80 workalike 8 MHZ
The GBC's proccesor is twice as fast as the Game Boy.

RAM: 32 KB System Ram, 16 KB video
4 times as much as the Game Boy.

Screen Res: 160x144 pixels
Is the same as the Game Boy.

Infrared Communications Port For Wireless linking
However, this feature is only supported in a few games.

Headphones Port
Great for gaming quietly in noisy areas.

Cable Link Port

Notice the word Color is spelled COLOR for the 1st 5 releases of different colors of the system:


Another color released at the same time was "Atomic Purple", made of a translucent purple plastic.

The Game Boy Color is extremely easy to use and it's user friendly. It looks much like an NES Controller, with its D-Pad, Start, Select, A, and B Buttons and it brings about as much wear and tear on your poor thumb for the D-Pad.

The graphics are much comparable to an SNES's Graphics. They are a little bit better but somewhat depressing as Nintendo couldn't make them better.

Same as the graphics, they sound much like games on an SNES. Nintendo needs to update the sound quality.

Replay Value
With a ton of GB and GBC games made for this system youll never run out. But if you want to have a better time gaming buy a Game Boy Advance.

Some releases for the GBC:

Metal Gear Solid
Super Mario Brothers Deluxe
Super Mario Land
Mario Golf
Mario Tennis
Frogger 2: Swampy's Revenge
The Legend Of Zelda: Link's Awakening
Pokemon Pinball
Resident Evil Gaiden
Tetris DX
Donkey Kong Country
X-MEN Mutant Academy
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
Harvest Moon GBC
Toy Story 2
Quest For Camelot

The Game Boy and Game Boy Color combined have sold 118.69 million units worldwide.