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Game & Watch Collection 2 (Nintendo DS)

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Reviewed on: 4-Aug-2010


With the success of the first Game & Watch Collection for the DS, Nintendo decided to release yet another Game & Watch Collection. Unfortunately, just like the other Game & Watch Collection, it is only available to members of Club Nintendo.

Well like the other Game & Watch Collection, the 2 games on Game & Watch Collection 2 plays the exact same as it did on their original handheld. Use the D-Pad to move up, down, left, and right, and action button is A or B. Games are very simple to play, but as you progress through the game the speed steadily increase, adding difficulty to the games. The Game & Watch series is known for its simple pick up and play style. You don't need a certain skill to play the games, just patience and a lot of time to waste as the games, like most G&W games, are addictive. As with the first Game & Watch Collection I'm disappointed in the lack of Modern Version. The Game & Watch Gallery series for the GameBoy supported Modern Version, which was essentially the same game but with Mario related characters, and music. A cool new feature in this game that wasn't present in the first is the new combo game, which combines the 2 games into one. Since both games are single screen this works out perfectly. One game on the top screen and one on the bottom. It adds a fun new element to the game and it adds challenge.

The graphics are pretty outdated, as they are meant to clone the original LCD screened Game & Watch handhelds. Since the games are meant to be ports you can't really take off for that one. The best way to describe LCD game's graphics is to think about those little LCD games you'd get in a box of cereal, or a dollar store.

The game's sound is unfortunately also pretty boring. Like the other Game & Watch Collection, the games in Game & Watch Collection 2 are direct ports, so there is no music in game. It's all beeps. A beep to indicate your character moved, and beeps to show background activity. There is music on the title screen but it's nothing too exciting. Nintendo could have at least added music to the combo game, but they didn't. It gets kinda boring listening to a bunch of beeps, but hey as I've said multiple times, it's a port.

There is a total of 3 games to play on Game & Watch Collection 2:

Parachute: In this game you play as a Mr. Game & Watch type character in a boat. There are other Game & Watch people jumping out of a Helicopter towards the top of the screen. Your job is to catch them in your life boat. If you miss one of the parachuters then they fall into the water and get eaten by a shark. Let 3 people get eaten by a shark and it's Game Over!
Octopus: In Octopus you play as a scuba diver. Your goal is to collect as much gold as can from the sunken treasure chest, and bring it back to your boat. Your only problem is a giant octopus standing in your way. The octopus moves his tentacles around to protect his gold. Your job is to get through them without touching one of his tentacles. If he touches you he picks you up and kills you. Then another scuba diver jumps down from the boat to take your place and you keep playing. Once all 3 of your scuba divers get killed it's Game Over.
Parachute X Octopus: Exactly what it sounds like. It's a combo of the 2 classic games available on this game. You start the game on the top screen. You play parachute for a little bit until you reach a certain amount of points. Once you do you'll be switched to the bottom screen to play Octopus until you rack up enough points, then you're swapped to the top screen to play Parachute again.. Although this may sound a little confusing it is actually very fun and the 2 games work quite well together.

As with the other Game & Watch Collection, this game is not for resale, and only available from the Club Nintendo website, or on various game selling websites (hint GameTZ hint). The game can be redeemed on the Japanese Club Nintendo for 500 points, or on the United States Club Nintendo for 800 coins.

If you're like me and you enjoy these types of games, or just want some fun addictive on the go games pick yourself up a copy. You'll be glad you did.