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Fallout 3 (Xbox 360)

Reviewed by: MrEl Has Written 1 Review
Reviewed on: 1-Apr-2009


Fallout 3 is a post-apocalyptic RPG shooter game that came be played in either third or first person. Basically you start out as a character of your design and set out on a mission to make or break humanities future. The choices you make during the game are determined either bad or good and account for karma points. These points then decide people's attitude toward you, dialogue choices, and who's your friend and who's your foe. With this being said, everything around you is customizable: you, your followers, your weapons, and even the land around you (hence Megaton). You can decide your characters looks, attributes, and lifestyle which in turn deals with how the game unfolds.

Very good for such a wide-open game. Occasionally you can see objects loading in the background and it may distract you for a second or two but it doesn't happen often enough to take away from the overall visual effects and landscape. Speaking of landscapes, the Fallout 3 world looks and feels as though there has actually been a nuclear disaster.

Very thought out, with weapon discharge and character voices matching real life . The sound clarity is crystal clear and has no holes in it as far as I can tell.

Pretty good with a lot of originality but as far as the main missions go, I feel as though the end could use some work. It's one of those games that ends with that final mission and goes straight to credits without giving you a chance to thoroughly explore the game. Just make sure you have a save ready to load that's right before the finale if you want to keep playing and just want to see how it ends.

As stated above, you control everything. How your character looks depends on how you want them to look. Weapons are no different - you can create your own or use parts from other guns to repair the ones you already have. That's right, your weapons degrade! After each use, your weapons condition weakens, this accounts for loss of accuracy, more jams, and even reduced firing rates. Armor is the same, how worn out it is determines your damage resistance and whatever attributes the item may have.

Very impressive. With the hot key ability(ability to put weapons, armor, and medicine on a menu that you can access through the directional pad), customization of controls, and V.A.T.S.(see below), I would think this one of the best control systems I've seen.

Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System or V.A.T.S. is a queuing system for the game that allows the player to target specific body parts to deal damage to. This allows for gory cut-scenes and splendid head-shots without taking away from the joy of getting "the perfect shot".

The games "menu" of sorts. Holds all necessary data needed to play the game.
Overall is very unique and was a welcome surprise while wandering the lonely wasteland. That's right, I'm talking about GNR (Galaxy News Radio). It's a nifty little accessory that allows you to tune in to Three Dog's radio broadcast (and various other radio stations, i.e. Enclave radio, Agatha's station, etc.) where he fills us in on what's going on in this cooky little desert. He also gives commentary on your completed missions and likes to play some classical tunes while he's at it.

Very good game with good graphics and exceptional sound quality. It boasts many unique features and many many many things to explore and find. However has a nasty surprise for anyone who likes to clear the main game and then go for the extras.