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Suggestion: GameTZ Patreon
26-May-19 8:33am
GameTZ Subscriber 600 Trade Quintuple Gold Good Trader Global Trader - willing to trade internationally

I know Bill doesn't do this for the $$. Otherwise, let's face it, he wouldn't be doing it. However, I know this site takes a lot of work and "revenue" isn't what it used to be. What would you guys think about having a Patreon? It would be completely optional, just like subs, of course. It would just be one more way to support the site for people who choose to support it.

26-May-19 8:49am
GameTZ Gold Subscriber 500 Trade Quintuple Gold Good Trader Gold Global Trader (9) Has Written 26 Reviews

As a subscriber, I would probably not use it - I'd just keep subscribing.
26-May-19 9:05am
GameTZ Subscriber 750 Trade Quintuple Gold Good Trader

I still want to do a big donation auction.
26-May-19 10:01am
GameTZ Gold Subscriber 300 Trade Quintuple Gold Good Trader Gold Global Trader (7) Has Written 1 Review

I'd contribute.
26-May-19 11:21am
GameTZ Gold Subscriber GameTZ Full Moderator 600 Trade Quintuple Gold Good Trader Gold Global Trader (15) Has Written 26 Reviews

Thanks for the thought, but I don't think Patreon makes sense at this point.

It would be quite similar to subscriptions. It would feel like one more complication for me to worry about while I'm trying to simplify things. Money isn't an issue. The sites brings in more than enough to cover costs. I make some revenue for the work I do (really isn't that much most days). I don't need to be making more for what I do here at this point in my life.

Maybe in the future, if the site evolves into something else, Patreon may make more sense. I don't know. I think it's best to just keep things as they are for now. If money get tight, I will let people know.
29-May-19 3:41pm
GameTZ Subscriber GameTZ Full Moderator Triple Gold Good Trader Has Written 3 Reviews

Not sure what you would offer people on Patreon, anyway. Typically, Patreon supporters get something for their money. In this case, that would be subscriber benefits. So anyone who wants to support should just buy sub time, for themselves or for others.
30-May-19 12:57am
300 Trade Quintuple Gold Good Trader This user is on the site NOW (1 minute ago)

It wouldn't make much sense for bill to go with Patreon.

Using Patreon would just make him lose more money in fees. When you subscribe, bill is only charged once by PayPal. But if you do it via Patreon, both PayPal AND Patreon take a cut. Not to mention Patreon just hiked their fees for new users so it's even more expensive now.

Patreon works for sites and people that don't have an existing support and donation system in place. Bill has had one that's always been active for as long as I can remember. There's no need for him to switch things up.

If you want to support the site, keep your sub active and use the referral.

Suggestion: GameTZ Patreon