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Charity Auction
26-Sep-18 5:05pm
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Could I start an auction for charity in General? The basic idea would be to start the auction with a single game, donated by myself. Other users could donate items which would be added to the package that people are bidding on or bid on the package. Donors would pay for shipping their item to the eventual winner. I'm open to suggestions with where to send the donation, but I was thinking about something like JDRF.

26-Sep-18 6:28pm
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I used to do straight up charity collections of cash for Child's Play. I then bought the game system & games if we had enough. The response was usually pretty good. The last time I did one it was for a program called Ambassadors for Children in Springfield, MO. It was for their Christmas "Adopt a Teen in Foster Care" program. GameTZer's blew me away with their generiosity. I actually teared up. We were able to adopt 11 teens and I still had money for candy, wrapping supplies, tape, and a few extras gifts too.

You'll get better results if you just organize the entire thing & ask people to join up. Having it completed in time for Black Friday & Cyber Monday would be a boon.

26-Sep-18 7:25pm
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Yes, you can.

Charity Auction