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Video Games for Sale Downsize Part 1
5-Feb-21 7:17pm
Double Gold Good Trader

This is phase one of my video game collection that i am trying to get rid of

i plan on listing each game separately with any defect listed as used disc, no manual, ..etc.

All games work to my knowledge except the 360 demo discs
Games marked played i can provide close up pictures by e-mail/or facebook messenger
Note some games has price stickers as shown on photos

in terms of shipping depends how much you buy

at this time i do not ship to canada without using ups or i ship to usa

i price using ebay/price charting deducting for flaws and completeness-prices are negotiable but most games are priced to move

Shipping is as follows although i prefer to use ups when possible i am open to shipping usps

shipping usps includes packaging/delivering confirmation
shipping ups includes packaging/tracking number and 5.00 extra for delivery surcharge(ups charges if not in or near a major city.( will pay partial
if surcharge is needed for shipping and i wont know til i actually mail out )

payment by paypal only

Photo as follows

Single Games as follows

GBA Board Game Classics(CIB) box was ripped so its taped up 1.00
GBA Classic word Games 1.00
GBA Mazes of Fate(CIB) 15.00

Following loose games will be put in bubble wrap first and then repackaged for safety
GBA Hamtaro Ham Ham Games 9.00
GBA Ultimate Brain Games 1.00
GBA Bookworm 4.00
GBA Fortress 1.00
GBA Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius (name on back on cart) 2.00
GBA Turok Evolution 5.00

not pictured

Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer CIB 2.00

DS zorro (CIB) 2.00
DS Puzzle Craze(CIB) 3.00
DS Murder in Venice(CIB) 4.00
DS Transformers War of Cybertron Autobots 5.00
DS Hidden Mysteries- Buckingham Palace 3.00
DS Professor Layton and Pandoras Box (uk ver of diab box)(CIB) 5.00
DS Battle of Giants Dinosaurs (CIB) 5.00

not pictured

nancy drew - clew bender society CIB 2.00
Exit DS CIB 2.00
Looney Tunes Duck Amuck CIB 2.00
DS Clubhouse Games CIB 2.00
Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword CIB 8.00

PS2 Kinetica Complete (disc Used) 1.00
PS2 God of War (GH) Complete (disc slightly used) 5.00
PS2 Pitfall Lost Expedition Complete (heavy ysed disc) 1.00
PS2 Haven Call of the KIng Complete 1.00

not pictured

xenosaga CIB disc used 15.00

have not pictured

one playstation demon disc-2.00
Actual Games

XBOX 360

360 Brink Complete 1.00
360 Fable 2 Complete(disc heavy used) 3.00
360 NBA Live no manual-disc used 1.00
360 Arcania Gothic 4 (Complete-disc used) 2.50
360 Kane and Lynch Dead Men (complete man damaged) 2.00
360 Rise of the Argonauts (complete) 2.00
360 Lollipop Chainsaw (disc/case only) 7.00
360 Assassin's Creed PH Complete 1.00
360 Hawx (complete) 4.00
360 MLB 2k10 (sealed) 3.00
360 Two Worlds(no manual,not orig game case, bonus disc included/not tested 2.00
360 Tiger Woods 08 (complete) 1.00
360 Lego star wars Complete saga (Complete-disc slightly used) 5.00
360 Shadowrun (non org game case and disc only/heavy used) 1.00
360 MLB 2k8 (Complete) 1.00
21-Feb-21 8:23am
Double Gold Good Trader

removed sold items
22-Feb-21 3:36pm
Double Gold Good Trader

Demo discs pending are sold
22-Feb-21 5:47pm
Double Gold Good Trader

update with games pending and sold
23-Feb-21 6:44am
Double Gold Good Trader

more games added while more games pending

Video Games for Sale Downsize Part 1