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Looking for Dreamcast Games!
15-May-19 12:25pm
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Just got a dreamcast with THPS 2 NBA NFL and MLB 2K1. Have 2 controllers and a memory card. Looking for everything else thats cool on the DC. LMK what ya got and a price! Thanks!
15-May-19 6:05pm
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I've got a ton of Sega Dreamcast, what are your interests?
15-May-19 10:43pm
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Oh man. Just looked through your list and saw so much. Here's what I'm looking for in!
Jet Grind Radio
PSO v2
Crazy Taxi 1&2
Tennis 2K2
Sonic Adventure 1&2
Resident Evil CV
Grandia 2
R2R Boxing 1&2
Skies of Arcadia

16-May-19 12:22am
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I have:

Power Stone
Street Fighter Alpha 3
Tokyo Xtreme Racer 2
Maken X
Draconus: Cult of the Wyrm
Dead or Alive 2
Shadow Man
Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver
Sega Smashpack Volume 1

Shipping from the U.S.
16-May-19 8:41am
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I don't really have US games at all anymore that I'd sell but as someone who once had over 200 unique DC titles I have some unsolicited recommendations/thoughts etc lol.

Stuff you already said you were interested in

Crazy Taxi 1/2: THE BEST. The absolute countless hours of fun to be had. Fun to just fool around but also really awesome when you finally master all the tricks and are able to break 10k pts on standard rules. 2 would be perfect if not for the wonky GPS. That takes a pretty hard adjustment period while you just basically have to learn where everything is.

JGR: Really fun, has style for days. The best part is it doesn't really drag on too long and can be beat in 8 hour or less. Feels like about the right length.

Skies of Arcadia: Best JRPG on the system. The random battles are a little frequent for my tastes now but worth playing through if you don't mind that.

Shooters (I tried to limit this to only games that are still basically locked on the DC, there are tons of shooters on it but many can be played on other consoles)

Bangai-O: This game will kill your thumb but otherwise great.

Border Down: Gotta burn this one, I'd imagine but it's really good and worth playing.

Giga Wing 1/2: Worth playing, even if you have to burn em off.

Mars Matrix: Hard as nails.


The best: Last Blade 2, Mark of the Wolves, KoF 98 and 02 (JP only), Guilty Gear X (JP only). There are other fighters worth playing but those are the 5 I find myself always going back to when I wanna play a fighter with a friend. Power Stone 1/2 are hot if you have multiple people.

Puzzle games

Puzzle Bobble 4: Fantastic game.

Puyo Puyo Fever (JP only): This is still my favorite Puyo game. Much cheaper and easier to find on US Gamecube however. Also Puyo 4 should still be like $10.

Mr. Driller: Love this game, worth playing if you never have.

Cool Japanese crap/oddities

Cosmic Smash: This is basically fancy 3D breakout. Really fun though.

Napple Tale Arsia in Daydream: I love this game and feel compelled to bring it up. 2.5D platformer with a very feminine aesthetic. I greatly prefer it over the Sonic Adventure games.

Frame Gride: From Soft and medieval robots! Yeah...heh...

Zusar Vasar: Chariot racing but the chariots are pulled by giant mechanical animals.

L.O.L.: Lack of Love: Weird af.

Twinkle Star Sprites: So, so good. Puzzle/shooter hybrid.

Important note: a Gameshark will let you play out of region games. Japanese or European. You have to select a game and some codes and then do start game without codes.
17-May-19 12:55am
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Take a look at my list...I have a few of the better titles.

Looking for Dreamcast Games!