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FS/FT: a BUNCH of Ps2 and Xbox games
8-Oct-19 11:01pm
Gold Good Trader

Everything in the pics except for the PS2 and PS2 controllers are available. I'm mostly looking to sell but I'd check lists or listen to trade offers. Hit me up if your interested!
8-Oct-19 11:14pm
Triple Gold Good Trader Global Trader - willing to trade internationally

CML for Star Wars Starfighter, Star Wars Jedi Starfighter, Downhill Domination, Star Wars Obi Wan, and Tony Hawks Underground (Xbox).
9-Oct-19 10:40am
Silver Good Trader

CML for Way of the Samurai please! If you don't find anything you're interested in, how much would you want for it?
9-Oct-19 12:21pm
Gold Good Trader

PM's sent
9-Oct-19 1:11pm
Gold Good Trader

If anyone wants a bulk deal on the cheaper PS2 games I'll cut you a stupid good deal. I just want to get rid of them
10-Oct-19 2:33am
Silver Good Trader This user is on the site NOW (2 minutes ago)

I'm interested! Want to check my list? I'd do a bulk deal too
15-Oct-19 11:33pm
Gold Good Trader

Bump. A lot still left!

FS/FT: a BUNCH of Ps2 and Xbox games