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Bad Trader Reports

Username: pizzaro
Aliases: AhmedJohnson, Chad Simpson, Barb Simpson, Barbara Villano
Address: john hildenbrandt 101 s pearl st. apt. eg9 albany ny 12207, chad simpson 212 edward st. apt.2 schenectady ny 12304, Barbara Villano 2917 Halsey Dr. Schenectady NY 12304

Status: active
Created: May 19, 2012 at 8:05pm (EST)
pizzaro's computer network address (IP address) is matching the same IP address that a previous account (AhmedJohnson) used.
AhmedJohnson's account was suspended for not resolving 5 Bad Trader Reports and various other bad behaviors.

If you have a pending trade with pizzaro and have not sent, I recommend that you hold off sending at least until you get his side of the trade first.

If you'd like me to just cancel the trade, let me know (pm bill).

If you have already sent... I'm sorry, but I suspect you've been ripped off. This is why we warn people not to send first to new users.

Apparently, he (Chad?) has ripped people off on other sites too:




You can see him using the same addresses and aliases. It's clear he has been intentionally ripping people off for years and getting away with it.
Reported By: bill

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    abuse (This account is not active)



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