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Bad Trader Reports

Username: cfghjkl

Status: active
Created: February 21, 2009 at 1:09pm (EDT)
Edited: March 7, 2009 at 6:14pm (EDT)
On January 4th, Chris and I agreed on him replacing a broken dvd drive. and flashing the replacement. I sent it out on the 5th. Now, I didn't send "return shipping", which was part of the deal, so I sent it out on the 16th, an extra $20. Now, this is where it gets interesting. Chris says that he didn't get the extra $$. I sent it priority.
Now there is a slim chance that he didn't, but I will find out in a month or so if it got delivered.
But since then I've gotten nothing but the run around. I told him when I get the 360, I'll send out the shipping. He agreed. And I've been in limbo since. His latest message was that he was in the hospital, and that it would get sent out on February 12th. Nothing yet of course. so BTR goes up. My xbox back to me would be nice, even though I don't expect it back. I could say a lot more, but I'll leave it at that. Get my box, this goes down. And please don't threaten me like brucewayne!

Still no 360, I've been told that he (cfghjkl) has cancer and is in the hospital, that what I asked for hasn't been done yet, and that his "friend" would be willing to send it someplace else to get fixed. I just want it back. You bought a shipping label over the internet and gave me a tracking #, to something that hasn't been sent yet. Why would you be willing to send it back, then get sick and it hasn't been fixed yet?? WTF???? I've already talked to authorities in Fl and Mi and the Postal Inspector, I just want my box back, stop playing games!

Here's the update:
on 5-Mar-2009 at 7:33pm bdizzle4499 Nope, just send it back, that'll be great, thanks

on 5-Mar-2009 at 4:38pm cfghjkl that confirmation number was the one on the box, electronically payed for so all I had to do was ship it. However, I was not sure if it was repaired or not so I went ahead and asked him and it wasnt because he hasn't had time due to being in the hospital. That is why I am offering to send it to a repair shop if you'd like. He just wants to have this back to you and delete this account.

on 5-Mar-2009 at 4:34pm cfghjkl Are you sure you do not want the Xbox repaired and shipped back? I currently have it in my posession and will ship it to the repair shop now if you'd like and have it shipped back to you asap. If not I can send it back to you.

on 5-Mar-2009 at 3:39pm bdizzle4499 So why give me a tracking # for an item that's not getting shipped to me??
Don't worry, there are people watching this.

on 5-Mar-2009 at 3:30pm bdizzle4499 why don't you just send it back to me?? At this point, I just want it back. And if what you say is true, which is hard to believe, that's unfortunate. But any of that has no bearing on sending a box away. I wish him better if its true, if not then that's sad that you would go there. Like I said, my xbox back, please. No need to fix it if it isn't. Just send it here.

on 5-Mar-2009 at 3:04pm cfghjkl This is a friend of cfghjkl's, he is back in the hospital due to cancer. I will be paying to ship it to a company to have it repaired/modded and sent back to you as soon as possible without a problem. Sorry for the delay and this has been a very tough time for him please forgive him.

Best Regards,

on 4-Mar-2009 at 12:32pm bdizzle4499 We'll see if this is actually real, or it's exactly what it says it is.This does not indicate receipt by the USPS or the actual mailing date

on 3-Mar-2009 at 5:11pm cfghjkl Tracking number: 01038555749633812046
The U.S. Postal Service was electronically notified by the shipper on March 03, 2009 to expect your package for mailing. This does not indicate receipt by the USPS or the actual mailing date. Delivery status information will be provided if / when available. Information, if available, is updated every evening. Please check again later.

on 28-Feb-2009 at 12:31pm bdizzle4499 Confirmation #?

on 27-Feb-2009 at 2:55pm bdizzle4499 Well my patience has worn out. I don't see anything from you at my house by Tuesday, that's it.

on 26-Feb-2009 at 3:02pm cfghjkl I have not been in town that is why I have not been able to get back to you. I will have someone at the office send you back your console and as soon as I receive the confirmation from them I will send it to you. Please forgive me for this.

on 25-Feb-2009 at 3:51pm bdizzle4499 I'll get authorities involved shortly. Very unprofessional on your behalf.

on 21-Feb-2009 at 8:37pm bdizzle4499 BTR'd

And here's our conversation:
on 19-Feb-2009 at 7:00pm bdizzle4499 If I don't hear anything from you by tomorrow, BTR#2 will be up. And I should find out in a couple of weeks if you really did get that money order.

on 19-Feb-2009 at 6:58pm bdizzle4499 on 11-Feb-2009 at 3:19pm cfghjkl It is being sent out tomorrow for sure I just got out of the hospital today. Sorry about the delay your console will be sent back to you carefully packaged tomorrow.

on 17-Feb-2009 at 12:06pm bdizzle4499 status?

on 11-Feb-2009 at 3:19pm cfghjkl It is being sent out tomorrow for sure I just got out of the hospital today. Sorry about the delay your console will be sent back to you carefully packaged tomorrow.

on 10-Feb-2009 at 10:30pm bdizzle4499 any news?

on 5-Feb-2009 at 7:43pm cfghjkl Sorry I have been in the hospital sick you package will be sent out this week.

on 29-Jan-2009 at 2:10pm bdizzle4499 when do you plan on sending it out??

on 27-Jan-2009 at 11:33pm cfghjkl Alright not a problem. I found it very strange as well. But it
has happened a few times on here apparently

on 27-Jan-2009 at 3:06pm bdizzle4499 I had the address written down correctly, I used the same paper that I wrote it down when I sent the first box. That's very weird. My mom has worked at the post office for 36 years, and she says that while it happens, it's not often. But if you send the box back and it works as advertised, we can go from there about shipping, maybe I'll send it again or something

on 27-Jan-2009 at 2:53pm cfghjkl Sorry I have not been able to get to my computer. I asked if you if you sent to the correct address including the suite number. I never received a response from you regarding that. I will be shipping it out in 2 days since I have not received the money.

on 27-Jan-2009 at 11:38am bdizzle4499 OK, I'm not sending you anymore money, you should have it by now. If I don't get a response soon.........................................

on 26-Jan-2009 at 8:11pm bdizzle4499 I guess I don't get a response?

on 26-Jan-2009 at 1:08pm bdizzle4499 what's the status??

on 24-Jan-2009 at 2:59am cfghjkl that's rather strange I have not received anything in the mail. did you send it to the correct address? with suite number 202?

on 24-Jan-2009 at 2:15am bdizzle4499 ok, here ya go.

on 24-Jan-2009 at 1:13am cfghjkl Can you please provide proof of sending? Possibly the opposite side of the money order? Or a receipt?

on 23-Jan-2009 at 8:30pm bdizzle4499 kinda hard to believe, but if its not there by Monday............

on 23-Jan-2009 at 4:02pm cfghjkl Still nothing....

on 23-Jan-2009 at 12:56pm bdizzle4499 I sent it priority too, * poker face *

on 23-Jan-2009 at 12:42pm bdizzle4499 I sent it a week ago, hmmm

on 23-Jan-2009 at 12:35pm cfghjkl still nothing as of last night. When did you send it?

on 23-Jan-2009 at 12:09am bdizzle4499 ??

on 22-Jan-2009 at 1:35pm cfghjkl I have not received anything as of yesterday. I will be getting to the office at 245 so I will let you know around that time if it arrived today.

on 22-Jan-2009 at 12:45pm bdizzle4499 updates?

on 20-Jan-2009 at 10:20pm cfghjkl I still have not received anything, the post office was closed monday so i am guessing itll be here by tomorrow.

on 20-Jan-2009 at 8:06pm bdizzle4499 ??????

on 20-Jan-2009 at 12:29am cfghjkl sorry wrong trader

on 19-Jan-2009 at 11:47pm cfghjkl Are you serious? You leave me a BTR after I refunded you money?

on 19-Jan-2009 at 4:18pm bdizzle4499 Did you get it today?

on 16-Jan-2009 at 8:21pm bdizzle4499 Sent out today, should get it on Monday

on 15-Jan-2009 at 3:19pm cfghjkl No worries it will be ready for you as soon as payment is received.

on 15-Jan-2009 at 3:02pm bdizzle4499 Sorry about the delay, will be out tomorrow. Don't have kids with a crazy woman!!!

on 14-Jan-2009 at 4:57pm cfghjkl any word on this?

on 7-Jan-2009 at 9:30pm cfghjkl You can send it in another money order if you'd like. I don't have a problem waiting.

on 7-Jan-2009 at 9:26pm bdizzle4499 Fudge!!! I was in a rush that day, I knew I forgot
something, could I pay for shipping on the web, and then you print out something, or I can give you a CC#, I feel like a doofus, lol * wince *

on 7-Jan-2009 at 9:17pm bdizzle4499 Fudge!!! I was in a rush that day, I knew I forgot something, could I pay for shipping on the web, and then you print out something, or I can give you a CC#, I feel like a doofus, lol * wince *

on 7-Jan-2009 at 5:23pm cfghjkl Is that going to be sent another way?

on 7-Jan-2009 at 5:23pm cfghjkl Just received. I noticed you did not include the shippng cost for return shipping.

on 5-Jan-2009 at 4:28pm bdizzle4499 I sent on 5-Jan-2009.
Tracking number: 03071790000273279526
Your item was delivered at 1:41 pm on January 07, 2009 in MIAMI, FL 33155.
Arrival at Unit, January 07, 2009, 5:54 am, MIAMI, FL 33155
Acceptance, January 05, 2009, 3:59 pm, YPSILANTI, MI 48197
Sent out today!

on 4-Jan-2009 at 11:14am bdizzle4499 bdizzle4499's address:

Brian Williams
3481 Braeburn Circle
Ann Arbor Michigan, 48108
on 4-Jan-2009 at 11:14am cfghjkl cfghjkl's address:

Christian del Amo
4960 SW 72 AVE
Suite 202
Miami, FL 33155
United States
on 4-Jan-2009 at 11:14am bdizzle4499 Offer Accepted
on 4-Jan-2009 at 11:14am cfghjkl Pending trade created.

on 4-Jan-2009 at 11:09am cfghjkl Offer Created
Reported By: bdizzle4499

Username: cfghjkl

Status: active
Created: January 19, 2009 at 10:39pm (EDT)
Edited: February 3, 2009 at 7:25pm (EDT)
cfghjkl also known as Christian del Amo agreed on a trade. he was going to remove my lite-on dvd drive from my 360 and install a flashed drive. and send me my flashed working console back along with my original drive

i sent nov 24th by UPS

i got it back around dec 12th

in the box was my xbox but not my original drive as agreed upon.

when i hooked up my xbox 360 it did not read any games and the drive would only open sometimes.

i sent christian a message stating that the xbox did not work and that he did not send my original drive along.

this is the message he sent me:

on 12-Dec-2008 at 4:31pm cfghjkl The games and drive were sent in a seperate package so that nothing would break (games). You should be receiving them soon.

This was a complete and utter lie. he never sent a second package.

i have asked him for his phone number but he has not given it to me. i have threatened a BTR but he keeps giving me lots of excuses and emtpy promise such as its not his fault cuz he had someone else ship it for him and they didnt do it or he says ill get a refund but not untill i after i get my 360 back from him. so far i have no xbox 360 no extra dvd drive but im out money.

i sent him a message today asking for the refund now and he has logged in a few times but not responded to my messages.

this deal has been going on for about 2 months now

im out the console
the shiping charges
shipping TWICE by UPS

this btr will come down when i get my flashed 360 console back and working and my original drive

oh and i think some compensation would be in order also

since i have been unable to play for so long

it is now january 21st and i have still not recieved anything

Oh and the measly 10 dollar refund wasnt given to untill after i gave him the BTR
and i paid more then 5 dollars for shipping


January 23rd and still no package from him


JANUARY 24Th and still NOTHING

----------------------------------------------------------JANUARY 26TH AND STILL NO FRIGGIN XBOX 360


IT IS NOW JANUARY 28TH AND THE MAILMAN JUST STOPPED BY. AND STILL NO PACKAGE FROM CHRISTIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!








January 31 and still no xbox 360

_______________________________NEW EDIT____________________________

i recieved my xbox yesterday on febuary 2nd. cfghjkl has stated he sent before january 9th. he has posted this publicly in the forums that he sent then.

here is the real story.

on january 29th i sent him a message
i told him i would be calling his local police department and reporting him to the usps for mail fraud if i did not have my xbox by monday feb 2nd.

I also used my connections to locate his work Phone number and called his office and left multiple messages for him saying bruce gametz called and wants his package. this did not sit well with his boss. CFGHJKL sent me a message saying never call him again when the number wasnt given out.

so yesterday when i came home and saw my package from miami i smiled.

BUT then i lifted the box and noticed that the contents were loose and floating around. at this time i just laughed because i knew he was being a douche.

the next thing i notice is the shipping date on the postage. its JANUARY 29th he friggin lied about shipping before. image

so i opened my package to see the xbox was wrapped in 2 thin layers of cheap bubble wrap and then tossed inside an oversize box. (i wouldnt even ship a book this way)

next i take it out and look it over. this thing was in mint condition when i sent it out. i got it from a user on gametz a good trader. anyways something is rattling around inside when i shake it.

and then i notice all the scuff marks
looks like he dropped it or something who knows maybe he tap danced on the damn thing.

so i go to hook it up. and notice that the whole seam is all fudged up and the case by the ethernet port is broke.image

ok got cords hooked up now im going to attach my hdd.

but wait it wont attach. i think what could be wrong since it attached before.

i say to myself
"self maybe because cfghjkl kept your xbox 360 for a couple months maybe just maybe you forgot how to use the thing?"

i then look closer and notice that the grating on the xbox where the hdd attaches is all broke and sticking out.


so that the hdd cant sit tight against the 360 and attach properly.

i do expect a full refund

i have mentioned to chris/cfghjkl that a trip to his office is actually cheaper then buying a new 360.

anyways this btr will come down prolly never but if i got a refund that might help

again i have shown that this trader is a liar

Reported By: brucewayne
Response from Accused "Bad Trader": (20-Jan-2009)
First of all, Lite-On drive flashing could not have been done back when you asked for a drive repair/flashing which was clearly stated to you and therefore I replaced your drive with a samsung drive. I replaced your drive and flashed it like you asked. There was no possible way to have your console flashed with a Lite-On before December 24.

You claimed it was not working when you received it, yet when I received the console back, it was working perfectly fine (with backups and originals). So I am not sure how you tested your console.

I told you it was fine and to go ahead and send it back after the 24th so that I can flash the Lite-On (when the lite-on flash was released).

As far as the money, I have refunded you $10. What was suppose to be payed originally to me was the drive replacement/flashing + shipping (9 - 10LB box). You included $5 for shipping (only 1/4 of what it costs to ship) therefore I only refunded $10.

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