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Bad Trader Reports

Username: ImaWatchYouFail

Status: active
Created: January 26, 2009 at 10:48am (EDT)
We pended a trade on 12-14-08, my Fight Night Round 3 PS3 for his Final Fantasy Origins PS1. We agreed to send at the same time and I sent the next day and he got the game on 12-19-08 at 10:58am per the DC. On 12-18-08 he posted a bogus DC number. I asked him why after 2 days it was still showing as no record of the item, and he said he did not know that every other item sent that day had DC and was showing up. Then before he posted anything else I got an e-mail saying he was reported as a Bad Trader. Bill had found that he was previously banned and merged the 2 accounts. I asked again if he planned on actually sending my game, and he said he would and apologized for the bogus DC incident, that he had intended to send but did not have the money to cover postage on my game but would send it asap. That was on 12-26-08. On 12-31-08 I asked why other traders had gotten items from him and I still had received nothing. He did not reply again until 1-02-09, to say he could not find the game promised to me, and that I could select another title from his list. Nothing I wanted was on his list, but I agreed to settle for Head Coach 09 PS3. After another message saying he was sorry for not sending yet, but he was busy with school and just had not had the time to get to the post office, I got his final message posted here;
on 14-Jan-2009 at 10:04pm Eastside59QB I got it all packed up.I'm dropping it off at the PO tomorrow and will post the DC#. He logged in the next day and then nothing until last night. I posted the following message;
on 22-Jan-2009 at 11:19am sk8rjason OK Chris, It appears that you are not ever going to send. I am going to wait until Monday, and if I have not received I am going to file a BTR.
It is Monday and no game, no valid DC, and no communication.
I will remove this BTR when I get;
1. Final Fantasy Origins PS1 in the promised Excellent condition
2. NFL Head Coach 09 PS3 in the promised Excellent condition
3. $30 cash, the value of Fight Night Round 3 at the time I sent it.

Reported By: sk8rjason

Username: ImaWatchYouFail

Status: active
Created: April 26, 2008 at 2:15am (EDT)
My username is YungMoney and i have sent this user three games and since my games he has received he has frozen his account and now he already has five other BTR'S avoid trading with this scammer
Reported By: yungmoney

Username: ImaWatchYouFail

Status: active
Created: April 17, 2008 at 2:13am (EDT)
I haven't received my item from this user, and the tracking number he posted is invalid. User does not respond to messages, even though he's logged on several times since I sent them. User has 13 pended trades, and none of those users have received either.

I made the mistake of shipping same time with this user because our feedback scores were about the same. I should have looked closer and seen that he just joined last month.

After some further digging, the address provided does not even belong to this user. I'll continue my personal investigation, as well as file charges with the local law enforcement.
Reported By: skygunnerblue

Username: ImaWatchYouFail

Status: active
Created: April 17, 2008 at 1:40am (EDT)
Edited: April 17, 2008 at 1:53am (EDT)
A while back, I gave this guy a free PS1 demo if he paid me $2 for shipping. He said he would send me the money by mail (even though this guy has PayPal). I went ahead sent after he said he sent because I had other stuff to send (but I did not recieve the money yet). After awhile, he recieved but I didn't and he said lets make a deal. So I traded my Ratchet & Clank game which was worth $5 for his 25 to Life game which was worth $8. Since he owed me $2 from our other trade, I would give him Ratchet & Clank plus $1 for 25 to Life to make the trade fair. ($5 game + $2 he owed me + $1 = $8) I did the stupidest thing & sent first because I had another batch of stuff to send again, so I sent the game as well. He said he recieved the game and said his mom sent 25 to Life but "accidently" used the DC number on another trade & had the reciept to prove that it was sent. After a while, I asked him how the game was sent because I still did not recieve for a while. He said he shipped it by Media Mail because he was low on money even though he said his mom sent it. I have messaged him multiple times asking where my game is and he hasn't replied. It has been 3 weeks now. I either want my game & dollar back or the 25 to Life game or $8 for the value of our trade.

You should also look at this guy's pending trades. He is trading THREE COPIES of Rainbow Six Vegas 2 to different traders. He has two copies for the Xbox 360 & one for the PS3. This guy is also spending $200 toward other trades. Now this guys account is frozen after he got a BTR from another trader. So he is definatly a scammer.

Reported By: Buddha1090

Username: ImaWatchYouFail

Status: active
Created: April 16, 2008 at 10:38pm (EDT)
This guy has a higher trade rating than me by like 2 or 3 trades so I asked him politely could we both Send Monday which was about 2 weeks ago from when this was written so he asked could I send him pictures so i did and everything was set...SO he agreed in the messages he wrote to send it the day after I sent it because thats when he got paid...So when I got a message from a guy on here that I traded with a while back that this guy tried to pull a fast one on him it was the same day he said he was going to send the money so I was worried so I asked him did he send the money and he said "NO" because he needs to see what he's getting because i could be sending him a box of bricks....<<<<????....(yeah I know)...So we had a little feud because he was acting like a scammer...But I don't know what this site does about stuff like this but I would like it if they called the police in his area because thats what I'm thinking of doing.....

Christopher L Jones
2926 Hering Ave
Bronx,NY 10469

This is his address so if he makes another account do not make any trades with him....
Reported By: KillaByNatur3
Response from Accused "Bad Trader": (23-Dec-2008)
No way I can contact this user he hasn't been online since September 6 and also has a BTR.

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