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Bad Trader Reports

Username: CodySt
Address: 1601 20th Street, Hondo, TX, USA 78861

Status: active
Created: December 30, 2003 at 11:55am (EDT)
Cody and I agreed to trade my Casio color PDA for $105. Because we where both Bronze star traders I agreed to take $50 from him up front and get the other $55 after he recived. A few days later I indeed got the $50 from Cody and I packaged the PDA. Before I sent he offered me another $20 for my Half Life collection (PC) So I agreed and sent that along with the PDA. I spoke to Cody daily before he got the PDA. He was always in Chat and had lots of questions about it for me. Cody recived the PDA on 12/02/03 and indicated that on our offer. After that Cody was never to be seen on the site. I have repeatedly e-mailed him about the $75 and only got a responce after I threatend legal action. he told me that he would send last week. I have since not heard from him or had him respond to my e-mail.

Cody, I am heading to the post office today to get the forms needed to file a mail Fraud complaint against you. If I do not hear from you by Friday I will be filing the complaint. Then I will be taking it to my local police and sending a copy to the Texas Police. You have upset a lot of traders and must make good on it.

Reported By: ViperStrike

Username: CodySt

Status: active
Created: December 15, 2003 at 1:50pm (EDT)
I am reporting this BTR because the trade was agreed that he would recieve Super Mario Sunshine(GC), Super Smash Bros. Melee(GC), and a 251 block memory card(GC) and I would recieve $45 money order. So I had to send first because I was a new user and I had no trades completed. So I sent the items on Dec. 1, 2003. So after more than a month he still didn't check off or gotten in touch with me telling me that he had recieved the items. So I sent e-mails after e-mails warning him that I would fill out a BTR but still I heard nothing from him. So basicaly he never got in touch with me after I sent the items. Plus the same day I sent my items to CodySt I sent two other games for another trade and that trade was completed without a problem. Also Codyst has 11 pending trades going at one time, I think that's kind of a lot of trades going on at one time. I hope he will change his mind and tell me what's going on. I will delete this once I get my money
and an apology.


Okay Cody, This is the deal, if i dont hear from you by Friday(1/2/04) I will be doing the same thing that Viperstrike is doing, yes I will be fiiling a mail fraud. Then I will be getting the authorities involved, locally and in your state. I want the cash, $45 or my items back, Super Mario Sunshine(GC), Super Smash Bros(GC), and a 251 block memory card(GC). I advise you to do one of those choices or else.

Reported By: pickliz

CodySt Happy Birthday to Me BTRs

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