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Bad Trader Reports

Username: BustinBusta

Status: active
Created: December 3, 2002 at 9:15am (EDT)
The trade was:
Driver 2
for his:
Bushido Blade 2

It's been about 90 days since we agreed to this trade(Gametz just canceled it because it had been pending for 90 days frown ). I sent right away, and have been waiting for my game ever since. In his emails, he's said he recieved it, but has never said when, and he's never told me he sent my game, plus he still has Bushido Blade 2 in his available list. 90 days is long enough, so I'm leaving a BTR, until I get either Bushido Blade 2, $15, or Driver 2 back in the SAME MINT CONDITION.
Reported By: msmeenk

Username: BustinBusta

Status: active
Created: November 8, 2002 at 12:34pm (EDT)
We made a deal . $10 US dollars CASH for Metal Gear Solid (playstation) . I sent first because his trades are higher than mine . a few days later , i emailed him a few times to ask if the $10 bucks arrived yet .after about 1 and a half week or 2 weeks i emailed him a few times . On the last mail he said the $10 bucks arrived and he will be sending the Metal gear Solid .2 weeks later , it still havent got the Metal gear solid yet . I emailed him a few times again he said i will get it soon .So i completed the trade because he sound thrustworthy and because of his trades (25). After 2 Months, I emailed him on November 9 2002 , He said i should be more patient, its only been 1 month and a half , after that he tried to lie, he said it took him 2 MONTHS to receive my CASH ?! . he thinks i dont remember . i emailed him two weeks after we pended the trade and he said he said the $10 bucks arrived .Two months is Impossible. The slowest mail i sent took only a MONTH to arrive to Sespo and that was a game . i sent a PS2 package before too , it only took 10 days arrive to Cap4 .This is a bad trader , he never sent MGS and lied saying that it took two months for my cash to arrive . Brian Belgarde, This Bad Trader report will not be removed until either i get my $10 Dollars back or Metal Gear Solid PSX

Reported By: Xero

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