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Ground Zero Texas (Sega CD)

Reviewed by: Marshmannes Has Written 5 Reviews
Reviewed on: 15-Jan-2006


Full motion video games get no respect. This genre is probably the most disparaged of all of game genres, mainly because once people realized that there is not much replay value or gameplay, people turned away from this genre. On the Sega CD system (which became one of the first systems to actually use full motion video), the video quality is very grainy, which turned more people off. These days, people play these games for their unintentional comedy, being how bad the acting is.

Ground Zero Texas is one of the better games in the genre. The graphics are better than most Sega CD FMV games. The video quality is still a little grainy, but it is better than a game like Night Trap, which looks terrible compared to Ground Zero Texas.

The musical score is above average and the sounds are crystal clear. The problem with the sounds is that the music during gameplay has some pretty bad looping that can get quite annoying.

The gameplay is better than most FMV games. This game can get quite difficult at times, but the game can be beaten (you have to rescue all your operatives to know the code, or else you are dead meat and have to start over). The camera shield adds some strategy to a game that is quite linear. The plot is not bad, with some aliens that take the form of humans, which you are assigned to take out by using the guns on the camera. The gun control is very nice with the controller. As you would expect from a FMV game, the acting is pretty bad, but is not quite as bad as some other FMV games out there. Another thing that makes this game better is that it looks like this game actually had a budget to work with (the special effects look better than Trancers (1985)). There is even a director that has done a few major films (even though they are below average Hollywood projects).

The replay value is also better than most games of this genre. This is because the game is slightly different each time you play. Still, there is not much replay value to this game, as it gets boring after a few plays.

For a game of the FMV genre, this game is actually decent. It is a good game if you are willing to give FMV games a chance. There is enough game to actually make an intense target shooting game that is even more intense than Lethal Enforcers. Even though there are some flaws, this game is highly playable and is quite cheap in price.