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Cheap, Working VCR Player
5-Jan-17 8:57pm
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Looking for a cheap, working VCR. Ours occasionally likes to eat up tapes and I would rather start using a different one than risk the chance of damaging tapes. Don't want to spend a fortune, but do want to make sure it is in good working order.
5-Jan-17 10:01pm

People don't sell these things for cheap. They are gold, and I will be holding onto mine.
5-Jan-17 11:18pm
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Actually though, thats my worry. Its easy to pick one up from the thrift store but still have the risk of it not working (and even there they aren't cheap).
6-Jan-17 9:55pm
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Versace Python - that depends on the unit, if you tell me the brand name and model no of the one you want to keep i can tell you if it's a good one, a tank, troublemaker, or throw away. If it's a commercial unit then it will most likely be labeled as a good one but it's no tank. They are not gold so to speak unless you have best one made ever, i doubt it though. You can get good ones or tank or 40-80 or so plus ship; unlikely find any in the wild offline.

I assume tj96 just wants a throw away unit. Unfortuante your best bet of this is local, these are not worth to ship. Try to get a remote some units you can't do anything with unless you have a remote similiar to dvd / bluray players, you can power on play but some features need a remote to use. These are all auto tracking, remember all auto tracking does not have all the tracking settings so if the tape does not play properly it's probably the vcr (most people blame the tape but isn't the case). Now if you use a cheap tape EP / LP / SLP speed (this does not effect ep/lp/slp recording of a blank tape) it may or may not play properly in any unit, you can tell this by looking at the tape whether it's fully rewind or ff if the tape does cover that side of the window with alot of space left it is and also it's light weight (examples: reprints of westerns, old style kung fu, 70s etc.). Also keep in mind that these only go a certain amount of miles and it dies. Can't be fixed. I do recommend cleaning it before running anything, don't use a cleaner it will only do half the job, by hand, i can somewhat help with this if you like. With each unit different hard to describe but i can help with the basic idea. Another note is if you put a really heavy tape (early 1980s print) into a throw away it may damage the unit but not the tape because the vcr can't handle it, seen it done once or twice.

If you tell me the brand name and model no of yours, it maybe possible to fix the problem on your own. In most cases eat tapes is bad belt(s) ; belts are cheap however you may have to get bundle instead of just what you need. If there is a factory nearby that makes rubbers, i would go there with the size you need. If it's not a bad belt(s) then odds are probably can't fix it or can't get the part. Bulk of the parts aren't being made anymore, new old stock or pulling it from exact brand name and model no of another unit only choice.

If you have the money i would stay away from throw aways and get a tank; 60 - 100.00 range or get a half way descent one costing less. Have to be able to change belts from time to time such as years in between and cleaning.
7-Jan-17 12:01am

I've got a Sanyo.
8-Jan-17 12:06am
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That doesn't help without a model no. It could be a good one or bad, it also may not even be made by Sanyo. For example : Certain units of Canon, Curtis Mathes, General Electric, Magnavox, JC Penney, Quasar, Sylvania, NAP & Teknika are made by Panasonic; not all Panasonic were built by Panasonic. One things for sure with the Sanyo name on it; it's not a tank.
8-Jan-17 12:51am

I've got a VCR/DVD combo player. Excellent shape and has component, composite and Svideo out put. Name your price
8-Jan-17 9:28pm
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All vcr/dvd combos are terrible. Not unless it's labeled as a commerical unit, all the ones i've seen are junk. There are tons of these around as new old stock. Getting a new one is more ideal if anyone wanted one but i highly recommended staying clear of them.
8-Jan-17 11:55pm

It is labeled commercial.
8-Jan-17 11:56pm

I also have plenty of standard VCRs as well
9-Jan-17 9:40pm
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It probably is about the same quality or less of a dual deck vcr (2 tape sides) if i had to guess. A dual deck can take alot of miles but a single unit build like a tank could still outlast them.
10-Jan-17 3:13am

The one I was offering is indeed built like a tank. Back in the day it was quite pricey and it still seems to sell for a high price. I agree, double deck VCRs are awesome because you have that fail safe where if one deck fails you can fall back on the second.

Also, who's the butt-hole shadow negging every post in this thread? Get a life.
10-Jan-17 7:20am
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Curious what kind of displays you have your VCRs connected to?

Also, do the higher end models you talk about have a better image at all or just play the tapes better without damaging them?

And what kind of collections do you have? Mostly ones not available on DVD and such?
10-Jan-17 2:10pm
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Wow, I had no idea people still want to watch VHS tapes. The only ones I still own are the original Star Wars trilogy, but I have the DVD versions Lucas put out in the 2 disc sets.

No, I am not the one negging every post.

I have the same question as Mir_wan, what is in everyone's collection? I assume it's just the movies, shows, etc. not released on DVD.
10-Jan-17 2:20pm
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Over the last few years I've been picking up a lot of B-movies, especially in the horror and sci-fi genres. A lot of them don't have DVD releases, as you said. Recently I picked up half a dozen amateur made horror films, and a couple of them are out of Syracuse, NY. I'd like to sell these to a collector, but also be able to digitally preserve them since they are so obscure.
10-Jan-17 3:05pm
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I watched the fan film/documentary Rewind This a few months ago that was about the history of vhs as well as the collecting scene. It was interesting and made me wish they it was longer with more detail.
10-Jan-17 9:39pm
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Hirolunet - dual decks ran 200 - 300 each back in the day probably more on the early ones, the early ones had belts which were a pain to replace; I had panasonic top loader that outlasted 3 dual decks bought new and top loader was used before i bought dual decks running under the same pressure; that is what a tank is; some of you here know i used to have a website bootlegging.

"Also, do the higher end models you talk about have a better image at all or just play the tapes better without damaging them?" They will play like it should when it was new unless the tape has been misused or damaged by the vcr usually by belts just in certain units though (you can tell when they need replacing before that; most of the time when they decide to die just won't play, rewind or fast forward anymore or load tape). If it's a cheap unit they may not (people thought the tape was doing it but it was the vcr; some cheap dvd players will not play discs properly either). If it's a cheap tape (in terms of vhs quality) it won't run on nothing. VHS can't handle HD if that's what you mean but they are some tapes that are labeled remastered which matches about like how Twister or Independence Day plays when it came out. There is DVHS if i'm calling it right is HD or close to it but it can only play in very few units and selection is very small, never caught on.

I have mostly vhs. If not on vhs i can settle with a dvd usually a tv show or uncut version. In some cases you will have better quality on a vhs than dvd on how it's made as in dvds made as throw aways, examples old style kung fu, b&w, old westerns, 1970s

Did you know on the original Star Wars Trilogy it's different than later vhs prints and beyond? Lucas changed it to cgi and effects look different. To get them the vhs box must say cbs fox or big box not plain fox. Many people like the original better.

The one whose negging the posts is likely someone who hates vhs; my question if you hate vcr or vhs why enter the topic? Not everyone likes what others like but you should still show respect.
11-Jan-17 10:48am
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Goodwills in my area are overflowing with VCRs priced at usually $8.
11-Jan-17 6:18pm
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sdwyer138 wrote:
Goodwills in my area are overflowing with VCRs priced at usually $8.
Same here.
11-Jan-17 9:33pm
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You people are lucky here at goodwill over various things, every one here and surrounding area is flooded with overpriced clothes (can't figure out why people buy it), useless books that no one reads, glassware any second time around store would have, ultra common movies whether tape or dvd (good price on movies but it's just repeats), remaining few items are overpriced. Last time i went with a group only thing good in there was a train set but again overpriced better off getting it new.

For good or tanks 8 is a good price whether in working condition or not but for cheap ones no it isn't. Many places for cheap used vcrs can be had for 5 or less.
20-Jan-17 2:36pm
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Sadly I think most of the VHS machine out there seem to be tape eaters (reminds me of how many NES systems you would find that would blink and work once and awhile). I use to look at Garage sales for them for a dollar or two that always had there remote (most of them were tape eaters but if you played with them you could still use them decently). I would say that the VHS players they've made in the last fifteen years just don't last. Especially the DVD/VHS combo machines. One or both always conk out. Luckily I still have a very good VHS machine that I bought in like 1999 that still plays great. Later on they just didn't build the VHS machines to last as they were cheaply made (the newer ones were all cheap plastic where the ones from the 80's were heavy with actual metal and made much better).

Like I wrote just go to garage sales and buy them cheap for a couple bucks tops and if they eat tapes do what I do and take the top off and be able to get the tape out without too much damaged. It's not fun to do this but at least you can watch the movie this way. And some of those B movies seem to be something that will probably just increase in value as they don't seem to want to invest in putting on DVD. Old technology that still has great use if you like doing it old school.

Cheap, Working VCR Player