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looking for skylanders traps
15-Apr-18 7:36pm
Gold Good Trader

Im looking for skylander traps
4 tech traps
3 dark traps
3 light traps
3 fire traps
2 undead traps
2 air traps
3 earth traps
I thought I had more but I must have only got enough to get thru the game and that was it if someone has some of these to get rid let me know thanks
16-Apr-18 9:49am
Double Gold Good Trader Secret Santa

I have like 60 skylanders figures but I don't know what are traps (went online as best as I could to figure it out). Send me your email and I'll send you the spreadsheet
16-Apr-18 11:33am
Triple Gold Good Trader

Traps are the little crystal things that can store characters from Trap Team. They aren't the actual characters.


looking for skylanders traps