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Wrestling Discussion
2-Oct-19 7:16pm
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Anyone else excited for AEW Dynamite tonight?
15-Feb-22 4:43pm
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205 Live is dead. Tonight begins that spin-off show for NXT they were planning before the pandemic ruined everything. NXT: Level Up is being taped tonight.

15-Feb-22 4:50pm
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I had a literal no idea 205 Live was even still a thing. I assumed it got nuked when the Cruiserweight title started showing up more on NXT.
15-Feb-22 4:59pm
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It should have been nuked a long time ago when half the remaining cruiserweight roster was let go. For like the past 6 months the show no longer was just about cruiserweights anymore, they should have renamed it even if just temporarily.

18-Feb-22 4:41pm
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Looks like WWE is doing a Saturday Night's Main Event in April. But no mention on if it's going to be televised or streaming on Peacock, or just a specially branded house show.
21-Feb-22 9:43am
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My 4 year old wrestled his first 2 matches last weekend. He went 1-1. The point is, after his loss, he stopped to raise a hand to the crowd like he just lost a loser retires match. He had this solemn look on is face and addressed all four sides of the arena haha. It was epic. He held the crowd in the palm of his hand for about 5 minutes haha.
23-Feb-22 12:12pm

So what are the odds lesnar wins vs reigns at wrestle mania. I smell a rat theory where lesnar wins but by disqualification of heyman helping him. Maybe I wrong but I don’t see the heavyweight belts being unified at this point

Plus this vince s pet project to screw up anyway

23-Feb-22 12:17pm
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I'd say in all likelihood, Lesnar will win. WWE has made it clear they don't care to build new stars when it comes to moving the title from one guy to the other so they aren't saving a Reigns loss for that, and Brock has been built as a mega-face in this feud so it'd make sense for him to be the one to end Reigns' super long title reign.

That said, it SHOULD be Reigns. They should stick to Reigns until this "Head of the Table" shtick wears off and they've done a surprisingly good job of keeping it strong since he returned as a heel.
23-Feb-22 2:15pm
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24-Feb-22 4:46pm
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Claudio Castagnoli on Dynamite when?

24-Feb-22 5:01pm
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PizzaTheHutt wrote:
Claudio Castagnoli on Dynamite when?

This gets me more hyped up than 90% of the folks who have gone to/could possibly go to AEW (or literally anywhere they'll be allowed to thrive).
25-Feb-22 5:15am

I was wondering what happened to cesaro

25-Feb-22 9:22am
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Cesaro is the most underrated WWE guy ever.. He's awesome.. reminds me of a jacked Jason Statham... the Swiss Superman!!!
25-Feb-22 10:47am
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Desperately hoping for a reunion with Chris Hero (formerly Kassius Ohno for you WWE folks) so they can once again be one of my top 5 favorite tag teams, Kings of Wrestling. Their ROH run in 2010-2011 is thing of legend imo.
26-Feb-22 9:28am
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Vince is going to be on Pat McAfees show and there's a rumor they're going to have a match at WrestleMania. lol
I want to see this happen actually. lol

26-Feb-22 1:58pm
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I like Pat, but I don't know if he's capable of leading Vince at his current age through anything more than a 5 minute comedy match. If anything maybe he could set up something with Austin Theory, even though they're on different brands we know WWE only cares about that when it's convenient to them.

Oh, and Sunny was arrested...again.
26-Feb-22 2:03pm
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WWE is promoting the Lesnar/Reigns match as a unification match now, so brands may not even matter at this point unless they just plan on having the unified champ show up on both shows.

Tbh I always wanted that to be the case over the "two world champions" thing. If someone's the world champion, have them be THE world champion and work programs on both shows, brands or not.
26-Feb-22 2:09pm
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Yes, the one Undisputed champion was the way to go. I liked that about the tag team titles too back in the original brand split, but especially now it's not like they really have enough tag teams to really justify two separate titles.

But if that is what they end up doing, I don't expect Brock to win. He's on a limited schedule (even though for the past few months you almost wouldn't know that) so it might be asking too much out of him to have him be on both shows defending the title, unless he drops it the next month at Backlash.
28-Feb-22 12:01pm

Apparently after the unification men title bout
Wwe still wants a champion on each brand cause of the tv deals on fox and USA

Nice going wwe

Might as well be have the match end in double count out or disqualification

Missed out on dynamite last week perhaps I can catch this week

What’s with vince getting in the ring anyways
Oh well
28-Feb-22 11:30pm
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BTE has made silly jokes about Cody's "departure" for like 3 weeks now. Makes me feel like this whole thing is a work big time. This week the Bucks shot footage in front of WWE headquarters in Stamford and then Tony Schiavone "interviewed" for the EVP job, and last week the Young Bucks had an intro where they were misdirecting the viewers into thinking that they were going to talk about Cody leaving but it was really all about the airlines losing Matt Jackson's shoes lol. Then Cutler is like "this isn't about Cody?" and they ask "what's going on with Cody?"

Like... obviously anything could happen, but these videos seem to confirm that the Bucks and Cody are at least still on joking terms, and it seems like a weird thing to do if Cody was really going to WWE. But we'll see how it pans out.
1-Mar-22 3:46pm
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Found the Walmart exclusive Sting figure today just chilling, sweet!

Things I'm randomly thinking about lately, and I say this as an AEW mark. I love Page, was there for his win at Full Gear, it was one of the best storyline culminations. HOWEVER, things seem like they simmered since then. We don't see him doing much every week, he did have the fun matches with Danielson, he did beat Archer, and he's got Cole coming up, but compared to Jericho/Mox/Omega, the "World Title" feels a little less....visible? Maybe I'm just being picky.

The Mox/Danielson angle has been so cool, really love the promos and the build up. Moxley is on another level back, sober. Also, Jade has grown on me quite a bit. Yeah her matches aren't too clean, but I'm giving her the benefit of the doubt there. She's improving every week, she's got the goods for the long haul I think. Wardlow? Is he going to be a superstar? Is this a flash in the pan popularity? How can AEW manage to get both him and Keith Lee over in that ladder match at Revolution? Just fun random things I've been thinking about. Also- MJF got me hooked on using the word "Mid" for a lot of things for fun

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