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Roku or other TV stick with remote
21-Feb-18 1:41pm

looking for a device to plug into HDMI for internet TV access, whatever it is must support Xfinity Stream app, which I believe only supported on Roku devices. Thank you
22-Feb-18 12:15pm
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If the amazon fire tv can do xfinity there's a way to get one for $35 or less

22-Feb-18 1:26pm

i am not finding credible source of fire support for the app so far, also considering the very expensive lightning to HDMI cable to se a phone, but prefer to find a separate standalone device, looking like Roku for now
28-Feb-18 6:02pm
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Do you need it to be wireless? I have a Roku 2 somewhere that has spotty wireless connections, but works great when wired directly.
28-Feb-18 6:51pm

yes, given location good wireless performance is essential, thanks for checking

Roku or other TV stick with remote