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Username: DarthWaiter
Aliases: Alex wiggs
Address: Alex Wiggs 735 University Ave Apt C Boulder, Colorado 80302

Status: active
Created: February 17, 2019 at 9:36am (EDT)
He sold me a $20 Walmart gift card for $15 I thought something was fishy when he asked me to pay as fast as I can, when I tried to use the gift card it had a $0 balance, I messaged him to let him know about it but he hasn't logged back into the site since then.
This can be resolved when he either sends me a $20 gift card or refunds my $15
Reported By: devans77

Username: RBK
Aliases: Taku Ogbojo
Address: Unknown

Status: active
Created: December 5, 2018 at 7:59pm (EDT)
I send him $25 loan a little over a month ago. When the due day come,. he claim he can't pay off atm. I waited and today he cancel the trade on me, also noticed he was trying to get additional loan. I will be willing to take this off when the $35 agreed amount get pay back or he give me somethign of eualivant value.
Reported By: Xellos2099