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Username: gam3race
Aliases: gam3race
Address: Raul Manzo 4502 Elizabeth st. Apt. 10 Cudahy, CA 90201

Status: active
Created: January 20, 2017 at 5:34pm (EST)
Gam3race and I agreed on a game trade on January 11, 2017. I would get The Division for the Xbox One and Game3race would get Just Cause 3 for the Xbox One.

The following day, January 12, 2017, I sent Just Cause 3 to him. Tracking number for this game is 9500110239467012043847, which arrived.

On Gam3race's end, there's no indication whatsoever that he has sent his side of the trade, nor marked the one I sent as received.

I have sent him several messages and he refuses to respond even though he has been logging into almost every night.

On January 19, 2017, I sent a message asking again about the game I sent and the game he should have sent to me. He finally responded, but message did not have any indication if he was going to mark the game I sent as Received, nor a mention if he's going to ship the game I wanted.

I've warned him twice already that I was going to enter a BTR, but no reply yet.

That pretty much sums up the trade situation.

If you need any other information from me, feel free to message me.

Update: Gam3race has contacted me on January 21st, but still has not indicated about sending game as agreed on. He's more upset that I submitted a BTR. If he sends the game as the trade states, I'll remove this BTR. Until then, this will stay.

Reported By: TeknoBlast

Username: NLS
Aliases: Armondo Garcia
Address: 8151 Civic Center Dr 245 Elk Grove CA 95757

Status: active
Created: December 30, 2016 at 10:54am (EST)
I sent NLS 127.60 in gifted paypal for Tales of Destiny II & PlayStation Beyond The Beyond (Both Complete, VG Condition) - I received the games but unfortunately the manual was missing from Tales of Destiny II. I messaged NLS about the situation regarding the missing manual but did not get a response of the status of his search for it after a few days.

After further research it appears he pulled the images he posted in the classifieds forum from an ebay auction that wasn't his, leading me to assume he unfortunately never had the manual. To further confirm these are different copies the case I received is not the case seen in the images - as noted by cracks on the back on the case that my copy doesn't have.

random ebay auction For reference:

NLS's forum post:

I researched the value of the manual seen here (48.94 shipped):

To resolve this I'm requesting that NLS sends me a paypal refund (via friends/family payment) in a timely manner for $48.94 to settle the difference of not having the manual.
Reported By: Knightmare