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Username: AAA
Aliases: Michael Loughmanowitz??? (Thats what it says as the email name)
Address: Ryan Loughman, 69 Burnside Terrace ,Springfield MA 01118

Status: active
Created: August 9, 2003 at 4:52pm (EST)
Me and Ryan started a trade on July 9, which was my Ico and $40 for his Suikoden 2. It took Ryan till July 27 to tell me that he even got my things. He also told me he threw away the address and to give it too him so he could send out the next day, so i did. Its now August 9 and still no Suikoden 2. I've emailed him and tried talking with him in chat with no reponses. He also has those other two BTRs so he has probably done the same thing to them, All i want Ryan, is either Suikoden 2 or my things sent back to me. If i get either one of those, I will take this BTR off asap. Come on Ryan, just send us all of the things you owe us.

It's now 9/10 and i have still not received the game he owes me. I have sent him many emails asking about the game and in all his replies he said he would send the game out like the next day. I have threatened to file mail fraud on him and it doesnt seem to really bother him since he wont send me Suikoden 2. So i am goning to file the mail fraud at the end of this week, so maybe then he will send me my game.

Now its 9/24, still no game! He even has my ICO game on his Available list now. What's going on Ryan? You said you would send so many times. As soon as i recieve the game i will remove this, but i dont know if you will ever send.

Its now 9/30. I filed a Mail Fraud Report on him and also filed a complaint at the IFCC. Sorry to do it Ryan, but you just wont send me the game. I asked many times for you too and you always said you would, but no game! I even tried calling him but his phone was disconnected!??? I just dont know about him. Well, all i can hope for now is for him to realize that you can't cheat someone and nothing happen to you, and just send the game to me. Its not really looking too good for me getting Suikoden 2.
Reported By: JMC