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Username: Mr_Niggy_McBlack
Aliases: Mr_Niggy_McBlack,Firestar48
Address: : 8812 Ave. L, B'klyn NY, 11236

Status: active
Created: September 9, 2002 at 10:53pm (EDT)
We pended a trade over a month ago. ($11 for my Jason Sehorn Jersey)Even thou i had more trades, i agreed to send at the same time because he was a mini-mod. We set a day to send at the same time , but i was unable to send at that time. (not on purpose.) However it didnt matter because he didnt send that day either, and it was obvious he was waiting to recieve my side before he sent. i sent about a week later, and when he recieved, he sent me an email saying that he has got the jersey and he was going to send a mo out the following saturday. However that was almost a month ago. A couple of weeks ago i sent him an email because i hadnt recieved yet , and he said it was on the way. I sent him another email last week and he has yet to reply. Anyway $11 isnt a big sum of money, but this is the second time i have been ripped off, and worst of all i got ripped off by a "mini-mod". I will delete this report as soon as i get a mere $11 money order.