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Username: jagsfan6116
Aliases: Ricky Piatt
Emails: ; ;
Address: Ricky Piatt 16205 Hoylake Drive Odessa, FL 33556

Status: active
Created: August 30, 2011 at 5:10pm (EST)
Essentially a simple case of "if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is."

jagsfan6116 posted here (and on CAG) on August 5th that he was selling an XBL 12 month card and a 1600MS Point card for a total of $47. The first warning sign I really should have seen was the fact the he refused to just email me the codes (like just about everyone does anymore, why waste shipping costs), he said this was due to "bad experiences in the past". Well, I guess I was too trusting seeing that he did have a silver star here and had been a member for some time, I offered to send my payment right away, being assured he would send out the next day. Shortly after I had sent my first payment he offered another XBL card a greatly reduced price as well, which I also accepted , at this point I'm not even sure what I was thinking. Nothing was sent on his end, I've contacted him many many times through email, PM's here, PM's at CAG, text messages and finally after 2 weeks of nothing, he texted me back (August 19th) a few times saying that he had actually sent but that it was probably lost in the mail or something. So he said he'd send more cards out, and it has been almost another 2 weeks so It's pretty much guaranteed I'm not going to be receiving anything. He's stopped responding to me altogether.

This can easily be resolved in one of two ways, refund my $67, or send what was promised, but I'm assuming he's probably not coming back here anytime soon.

Note: Im forwarding this to the mods at CAG as well, as he logged into CAG a few days ago (but hasn't been on here since the 5th), not entirely sure how the bad trader reporting system works there but it's best to warn all that I can.

Update: I've gotten in contact with jagsfan6116, and we are currently working to resolve this issue. He has sent me $47 of the $67 owed and will be paying the remaining $20 when able. I'm glad we were able to work this out in the end.
Reported By: SideSwipe
Response from Accused "Bad Trader": (15-Nov-2011)
I have talked with Sideswipe, and Bill. Me and sideswipe agreed to a payment plan to get this fixed. I Am going to get him the 67 dollars back as soon as possible. Me and him are in contact daily and are going to resolve this. It was a mis-understanding that I messed up because when something went wrong I was away for some time and had no contact at all when he was questioning if i sent it or not. I did not rip him off, I am unsure as to what hapened, but I am going to get sideswipe his money back!

Username: Rocket2600
Address: I have it, ask if interested

Status: active
Created: March 16, 2000 at 3:11pm (EST)
First of all i agreed to send same time to this guy because of his high ebay feedback(big mistake). then i start hearing bad things about him from other people so i ask him whats wrong no reply for a while(this is after i sent). after 2 weeks i start getting suspicious of where my games are so i email him a few more times this time he reply's saying he had a death in the family this i can understand , so i gave him more time, but he assured he sent out that week. 2 more weeks and nothing so i send more email, and he replys that his ISP has been down or something like that.He then says he'll check with his post office to see whats up, but after that ive had no contact from him at all.Luckily i still have proof he recieved my package. do not trade with this guy UNLESS he sends first no matter what.
Reported By: SideSwipe